Non fiction Book Reviews

I've read some great ones lately, and I wanted to share! Let's get right to the goods! 



This is a book about "second skilling" and lifelong learning. It was written by the creator of MOOC (massive open online course), and talks about how important it is for us to continually be learning not just for job security but just for overall health and happiness. Learning is such an exploration and adventure, and this book really drives it home just how valuable it is as a society. Here is a link to the MOOC that I've mentioned before. I'm taking a course on Blockchain Technology starting in September. We shall see how that goes. Probably will be a hot mess, but we shall see if I can second skill up in here ;) 


Walden on Wheels: On the Open Road from Debt to Freedom

Honestly, this book was life changing for me. Man, I've read some good ones lately, and also I've read some bad ones. lol. But this is about a guy who works his a** off to pay off 32,000 in debt of student loans with a $8/hour job because he couldn't get anything else even after going to college. He went back to Duke for his PhD and lived out of his car. It was so so inspiring to 1) pay off debt no matter what it takes 2) live life by YOUR happiness not what the world expects of you. I LOVED THIS BOOK. 


The Sleep Revolution

This is a book about the importance of sleep. Shocker, I know. But I don't think that ANY of us realize how important it is. We all act like it's okay to sleep less than 7 hours night after night, and it's just NOT. Thankfully, this is an area I've always been adamant about. I'm a huge sleeper, and if you read this, I think you'll want to start being one too. Crazy stuff. Our entire health from childhood into adulthood DEPENDS on every single night getting that 8 hours. It's so important.


Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

Oh, I just loved this one. It's all about how nothing is related to talent. It all goes back to deliberate practice. It was so inspiring because it shows me that no matter what the task at hand- if I want it, I can achieve it even at my age through deliberate practice. It's all about putting in the time and learning / training appropriately. Super inspiring to chase your dreams! 


Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction

This is a father's story of his son's addiction to meth and the ins and outs of being the loved one of someone with this kind of disorder. It consumes every aspect of everyone's life and it's just very hard. It also talks a lot about what leads someone to end up doing drugs that might even be part of their genetics. Thinking of those who have someone in their family with addiction. It's a hard road. 


Things No One will tell Fat Girls

This is another book in the intuitive eating / health at every size / social justice movement sector of dieting. If you have never explored this area, then I highly highly recommend this book. I read a lot of reviews online that said that this was just repetition of those things, but I just think we all need to hear it over and over and OVER again. It breaks down the pervasive diet culture that we live in, the history of beauty, the history of dieting, female / race / abelism within the dieting sector, social justice for overweight people, deconstruction of the word fat, and the patriarchy. I loveeeee books like this. It opens up my eyes always to so so much of what I myself ascribe to in my own narratives.


Happy Reading! These were all amazing!


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