Public Health and Food Relationships

So I could teach anyone to go on a diet and every detail about that particular style of eating. Keto? Plant based? Weight Watchers? Zone? Diabetes management? Cholesterol lowering? I gotchu. I could teach you the ins and outs of all the sold shake products and dietary supplementations and appetite suppressants.

As a public health sector, especially in the US, we are missing out on a really important piece of the puzzle - the psychological. We are forgetting about culture. We are not teaching about how the hypothalamus regulates our set point weights as much as our genetics determine our heights. We replace all of these pieces of the puzzle with shame. We project the things that we cannot control as something that we feel that we can and wake up each day vowing to do better.


In an effort to control, we self destruct cycling and then making funny memes about how we eat juice shakes for lunch and then 47 oreos and ice cream after dinner. That's called disordered eating, and unfortunately it's become culturally accepted based on a narrative that we should all take up less space than we are.

We need to sit at the table with those that we love and enjoy the social and cultural aspects of our food. We need to quit pawning off the 'lifestyle' as the acceptance of lifelong restriction. But also focus on the health of the public as a whole making sure the values align with reduction of heart disease / cancer / stroke / Alzheimers. I think that we have become obese mostly because we have become SO obsessed that we have either said SCREW IT ALL or we cycle between binging/restriction causing damaged metabolisms and continue to gain over time. Our RELATIONSHIPS with food is what we need to work on starting from the top down. Everyone knows kale is better than a burger. We have to start somewhere else which can lead to balance.

But I could speak this truth until I'm blue in the face and unfortunately, even for those it directly pertains to, will continue to follow this narrative in their own lives thinking that THEY are different. THEY can fight it. THEY can diet. THIS MONDAY WILL BE DIFFERENT. But it won't be.

Here's to learning the knowledge of what we feel will work best for us while also taking into account the psychological and the mental aspects of dieting and wellness. Knowledge is power so that you are not pandered to by the masses trying to shell out and sale you the latest product but rather recognizing the balancing act between it all. 


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