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I wanted to write a mission statement in full on what my thoughts were surrounding the new change. I didn't want to water it down by putting it into another blog post, but rather making it a blog post in and of itself. 

I think that when we come to the internet or the world of business, we come at it with a heart of pursuing passion but the driving force ends up being status and monetary gain. We stop looking to what matters which is the people that we are serving, including ourselves and instead we look towards what we can do to get ahead. We think that the internet is saturated and instead of relaxing in that, we think that we need to create something that looks like the herd, and fall in line hoping that our material is seen. We launch Kickstarter campaigns hoping that ours will be the one to go viral. We churn out content like it's going out of style thinking that the more the better. We cheapen what we do because it needs to be quick and concise and fast to go along with the level of technology that the world is running. We don't read long books like War and Peace because we can get all of that info in one blog post so why waste the time? 


We all have a baseline amount of anxiety because instead of human contact, we have fake human connection of the masses, and many of those are not those that align with us. We start to create false (or even validated through trolls) narratives about the people that we are. We sit in that day after day. We might try to fight it, but eventually, it gets to us because we are human. We want popularity and status, and all of that comes down to connectivity. Connectivity then ties into capitalism and you have instagram. Images after images after images every single day of everyone just continuing to churn the wheel of content. GOTTA BEAT THAT ALGORIGTHM? HOW DO WE OPTIMIZE? What strategies do we have in place to make sure that our launching of our e-book is the biggest yet? 

We would not be human if we were not constantly reaching for more. In hunter gatherer socities, they didn't work many hours. Street lamps started something during the industrial revolution that said 'We can now see at night therefore we now work'. It wasn't until 1916 that we established the 40 hour work week and that's been blown to bits and pieces with the advent of the internet where we all have our full times and then our side hustles. 1916 was only 102 years ago. In the span of history, that is a blip in time, and yet it's what we accept as what we MUST do. That's just culture. All of this is just culture. Our culture is evolving and we are falling in line. We become almost cult like, robotic. 

I refuse to fall in line. My promise to you in this blog is that I will show up consistently. I'm not sure how often that means and I'm not sure what content that means, but that I will show up with no agenda but just show up. I don't want to be a perfectionist either. I just want to provide you with what I'm learning. I just think that we have all become this culture of thinking we gotta move fast fast fast to get out on top, and it has overwhelmed me so I want to just be here for you. And also for me. If at any time, there is a topic that you would like for me to research the literature, I'll be more than happy to do that. I've got a running list of topics that others have brought up to me, and I'll slowly work through those. If one person reads this, then I'm happy with that.

I also want to promise that I will try my best to work on my blindspots and my biases recognizing that even some of those are not something that I can fight and I might mess up sometimes, but I will always self evaluate. I do not mean this in a derogatory manner because I'm the most confident version I've ever been of myself while still working on the social construct that have formed neural plasticity in my brain that I need to take up less space, and I will continue to break down those walls as I grow. 

I think that there is space at the table for all literature to be evaluated. If there is something that claims it to be ONE way then typically, that is not the way. There is no ONE way for just about anything. I want to teach others how to evaluate the blogs and all of the information that is spewed at us ESPECIALLY in the fitness industry with a critical eye to know where you stand on how you feel. The scientific method has flaws, and while there are some definite, there is also MUCH to be discovered. The world of science is honestly exploding quicker than any of us can imagine, and it's very very exciting, but also important that we all play devils advocate with ourselves when making life changes based on what we are reading. 

To end, I'll copy and paste what I have in my bio on the front page. It might be a little repetitive to the above, but just so it's here: 

full time ambulatory care pharmacist, wife, dog mom and overthinker who overshares

i like to be genuine, provide some useful content with unedited bad grammar that i type stream of consciousness, with things I find funny. i'm an avid runner and reader. i like to read science and present it in a way that's digestible. i am in no business to sell to you or spam you. i just like sharing. i try to be better, do better, and read more every single day. my hope is that if you want to work with me then you'll have such a great experience, you'll share with your friends. if you don't, then i will do better work.

i used to do this ole thing for a living, and i had to take a break. i'm back with no agenda, a recognition of my prior addiction to social constructs and a work in progress of mental health. my mom always said my life should be a book so maybe this is it. i hope i can come here with room for evolving and a space for honesty.

we all have some credentials right? heres mine:

Doctor of Pharmacy, RRCA Running Coach, NASM-CPT, NAFC Nutrition Coach

interests: chronic disease state management, prevention of disease, mental health and illness, bioindividuality, genetics, neuroscience (molecular & behavioral), sociology, anthropology, philosophy


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