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Hi friends!

Man, oh man, what a fun few weeks it’s been! I thought I’d share a little about where life is right now as I used to do this a lot more frequently!


AHHHHHH! I am scared to even say that this has been the best training season of my life, but well, it has been. I’ve got a baby tweak in my achilles right now, but I know it’s just a small thing that I’ll get blood circulating to that area :)

I’ve trained smart: building a base slowly, adding in once weekly tempos, then slow long runs, then speed workouts + tempos + slow long runs, then speed + tempo + quicker long run trials + deloads / mesocycles / microcycles / macrocycles. You know - all the fun!

I really did try to go by the book, and not let my training load get over what my body could handle mileage wise. I kept up with stretching, icing, and yoga thus far. I’ve done strength training some, but not anything much with legs because I don’t even care enough to risk that (mostly body weight). I really wanted to do it right this time, and see what I was capable of after a full year since my last marathon (Chicago 2017).

My peak will be right at around 65-70 miles. I have done various tempo workouts and speed workouts each week building from 400’s to 800’s to mile repeats. I have done some race pace efforts here and there, but mostly the miles are around 9-930min/mile just keeping time on my feet but with minimal efforts.

I’ve been very diligent about water to keep everything hydrated and working smoothly as well. I’m not a big water person, so this has taken WORK.



I’m working full time with a company called Piedmont Pharmacy Care Network and have been for some time, but thought I’d share some details. I’m a pharmacy care manager and my main focus is diabetes in most of my locations but the majority of my clients are diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, asthma, & anxiety/depression.

We work within county and city governments with their wellness programs. I have about 300 clients across Cleveland County, the city of Shelby, Lincolnton and Asheville. All of them are such a blessing to me. I coordinate with their pharmacies and doctors and all that jazz. They call this “ambulatory care pharmacy". My goals are to become board certified in ambulatory care and a certified diabetes educator and I’d love to actually get a masters in functional medicine, but let’s not give you my linkedin! ;) I still have about 75 years kicking in me career wise so I’ve got time, I think! ;)


If there was no other word I had for it, I think I would just say thankful. I’m thankful for the change that I manifested and worked so hard for. I won’t be shy about just how hard I worked for it, and I’m proud that I took the initiative to get help when I needed it (should have farrrr sooner but you know how that goes). I’m proud that I wasn’t lying or just feeling placebo effects and that there was truthfully a dramatic shift that allowed me to reset new habits in place and get my life back to normal.

I know that keeping on my guard is best, however, after struggling for two years, and then having 2-3 months of normal, it just feels so much in the rear view. I don’t want to get too arrogant or my brain might get sneaky and attack OUT OF NOWHERE!! ha!

I say it millions of times, but truthfully another part of my thankfulness is my relationship with Tanner. We are best friends, attached at the hip, and each other’s love. I feel it’s important to show him just how valuable he was to me during that season now that I’m back to my normal happy, goofy, laughing (yet not cracked out manic) self.


Can we talk about all the times that I’ve listed goals like even so much as January of this year and it’s a list that has like 450 things on it? HA! I think that I have always run very quickly through everything, but my goals right now are to take the things that I love and love them deeply. I want to cultivate them. I want to pay attention to the details. I’ve said this a lot over the past year, and I’ve been able to see a lot of positive change in this area.

I think growth is so important, and one area of growth that I realized I was misplacing this “energy” was in my reading. With cultivating “slowness” in everything else, I let my reading be like wildfire. It was like this way of “getting away with it”. How funny right? It’s truly interesting to me when I peel back layers.

My goal is that web we weave of intangible balance that we all want to cultivate. But, here are my primary goals:

  • Read one book per week at least (I was reading 3 and I’ve realized you can’t truly soak up information that fast so what’s the point - I want to enjoy these beautiful novels)

  • Run my marathon to the best of my ability dependent on how my body feels and the weather on that day. I know based on the science of my training that I am capable of a sub 3 but that does not mean that it will happen, and I’m 100% okay with that. It will happen when it is meant to happen. Total peace on this (and I’m not being fake here lol).

  • Continue educating myself in functional medicine / ambulatory care / diabetes management for my career. This is an age of exploding scientific literature, and I’m just loving learning how all of our systems are interconnected and getting to the root cause

  • Healing my digestion - I have had chronic constipation since I was a child, but more recently with learning more I know I can heal this, and I’m determined to do so. It will take time, but I’m committed to this healing process

  • One meal per week that’s a new, chef inspired recipe! Tanner and I have really gotten into this lately, and the process plus the slow eating together over wine makes for literally the best of the best evenings

  • Start blogging about what I’m learning -

I have been in and out of this blog, so this isn’t some restart. I have realized with my time with work and training and quite frankly motivation, I won’t be here as frequently as I would prefer. But, when I show up, I want to show up well. I’ve said that enough so as I continue to make more informative posts, I hope that you’ll trust that I’ve put the time in for what I’m providing you.


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