29 Truths for my 29th Birthday

The greatest gifts that I've been given are the ones that I've learned since college. I sat down at 10pm last night and wanted to write out some truths I've learned over this time frame that I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life to live the most full life.


29 Truths to live by: 

Every single day, every single person you meet is just looking for happiness, purpose and love. When interacting with them, remember that. Ask them questions. Learn something from them. Be the light they need in their life that day. 

Don’t let your goals make you selfish. Don’t let your insecurities make you complacent. 

It’s more than okay to pick up the person you used to be and completely walk away and start over - any time, as many times as needed. 

Always remember your privilege in race, gender, socioeconomic class, body shape, education and geographical location. Speak up for those that need you to while also staying quiet when you just need to focus on learning more. 

Expect miracles every day. Remain open. They are abounding all around you. 

Never ever quit something that gives you passion, purpose, creativity and love for the opinions of others. Like really, bump.that. 

You can sleep when you’re dead. SEIZE THE DAY.

Spend money on experiences. Never don’t do the thing or go to the place. You can always make it work. 

Invest in your circle of people in time and finances. 

When someone is talking to you, listen…deeply. What do they need from you? How can you serve them and not talk about yourself? 

We all are dying, every single day. It shouldn’t take a disease state to make us realize this and do what we want to do. 

Never settle for being mediocre. Strive for your best in everything you do every single day. 

Don’t give up in figuring out your health if you feel something is not how it should be. Pay the money. Find the doctors. Seek the therapy. Start the protocol. You can’t fully live in who you are destined to be in that shell. 

When in conflict, try desperately to separate from your position and see it from the others vantage point. Look to their entire life experience, think back to their childhood even, think about all of their experiences that have shaped them into the person they are today. You can begin to identify the roots of why arguments happen and solve them deeply so they don’t happen again. 

If you want to pursue the thing you loved and let go of again, then by all means, don’t ever hesitate. 

Always be a runner. You love that. Don’t let anyone tell you to rest from the thing that you love. 

Never become complacent at attacking life like 2018 again 

At restaurants, always choose the thing you actually want - life's too short

You are what you pay attention to. Don’t “skim read” life. Be focused. 

Always think to the reason of conflict and recognize it can most always be tracked to oppression or ego. Conflict arises from human construct and neural tracts of normality 

Travel with purpose. 

Be a life long learner. Read as much as possible. 

Laugh hard and laugh genuinely. 

Keep mystery in your life from others at appropriate times. Trust your inner circle and don't let vulnerability and transparency allow toxic people in.

Take micro risks to cultivate luck.

Move often in all things.

Never be afraid of change.  

Never allow someone to tell to talk down to you. Period. 

Show up. Every freakin solitary day. Just keep showing up. Eventually magic happens. 


Also, one of the places that I learned the most about myself as well was my year in New York City, and this video truly touched me and may have made me shed a tear.  love love love New York! 

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