Here's to 2019 -

I started this blog in 2014, and I have not had one year that I did not do a post in the new year recapping everything that I did each month of the year prior, and what I planned to do in the year ahead. So, I feel obligated to be here with you today.. lol.

All of that is so different at this time in my life, and it’s honestly not a bad thing at all. The very nature of doing that feels exhausting and overwhelming, and it probably is because I moved my entire life from a 4 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment one hour away all during Christmas while planning our trip to Banff. However, I also think it’s just this new me that I’m really trying to hone into. It’s not really about self care, but more about the lack of attention to myself.


I have felt a deep calling to not make this year about me and my goals and all this stuff that I’ve done, but rather about others. Even saying that out loud though sounds so disingenuous like “oh look at me, I’m going to focus on others and that’s my goal.” I don’t mean it that way, but just that I’ve been selfish for a really long time unintentionally. I had the very best of intentions along the way, and was always dreaming big as I feel that we should do. I just want to take the focus off of my goals, and think about things that may be others would enjoy.

What meals would my husband like to have throughout the week? How can I help him prepare his lunches?

What can I do to help my sister in law prepare to have twins? How can I be there for her every day not just to fix one meal and babysit a little and be done? Can we help financially as well? Maybe I could set up a college fund for my nephew?

Would my mom like a flower for her front porch? Maybe I could surprise her..

How can I better serve my clients? What would make them smile? Could I write them individual letters and send them snail mail?

Can I get off social media enough to really reach out to friends personally and see how they are doing VS watching their insta stories?

How can I be a good best friend to my bff who is getting married in a few months?

I don’t know - it just feels like the best approach for my 2019 and something I’ve been thinking about. I don’t want to make any goals this year. I just want to show up and do my best every single day and see what happens trying to be as happy as possible while I’m at it.

The things that I did do in 2018 that I feel are worth a mention is my life long dream of the sub3. That will forever be engrained in my brain as one of the best days of my life. I also passed the NASM CPT exam, which was exciting. In 2019, I do hope to get board certified in ambulatory care pharmacy, but I don’t even like speaking it out loud because it sounds too “goal” like. HAHA! But I mean, I’m always going to try hard to do better in my career and that is my next step <3

I hope that everyone had a happy, healthy, safe, and enjoyable New Year, and that you’re not too hung over today! ;)


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