Client Testimonial- Erin

Erin has been with me for the past 12 weeks, and the entire time she has been such a radiant joy to work with. Every single week I look forward to getting her emails. She puts in such hard work, and her body responds accordingly. I can't wait to see where another 12 weeks together takes us as we are in for Round 2 now starting reverse dieting very soon!

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What a difference 12 weeks of solid training and the right fuel can make!  I started my journey with Katie right after Thanksgiving.  I had a couple of goals in mind- I wanted to lean out (get my abs back!) as well as train for my first half-marathon in February.  I had started following Katie on social media and on her blog and loved her philosophy and approach and her hybrid training programs were exactly what I was looking for.  I’ve been very health-conscious and maintained a good level of fitness since high school, and bounced back into shape after each of my 3 babies was born.  However, I’d become a little softer than I like to be after a fairly stressful year and lots of traveling.  I was ready to buckle down and get really consistent with my nutrition and workouts.


Katie recommended her fabulous half-marathon & lifting program and she dialed in my macros.  The training fit my schedule and my goals and she was there every week (and sometimes more when I had questions) to help me make changes along the way so that I could achieve my goals.  I love that she provides the tools to achieve what you’d like to do, rather than tell you what she thinks you should do- she is such an awesome, caring coach who really wants her clients to get to where they are happy with their body and training using whatever approach fires them up!


I’ve never really considered myself a runner, but I am a goal-oriented person and I set a goal to run a half, so I wanted to do that really well.  I’ve run on and off in the past, and more during that past few years.  I ran Ragnar last February with a team of friends and loved it.  My pace was between 9:15-9:30 min/mile.  After Ragnar, I didn’t do much running until the late summer, which is also when I first learned about flexible dieting and tracking macros.   I started seeing an improvement in my running by focusing on my nutrition, rather than only tracking calories, as I had done in the past.  I used to run so that I could eat more that day, or workout/life weights to prevent weight gain and maintain my shape, but I’ve learned there’s so much more to it than that.  Now I eat to train better and don’t spend my training time chasing calories, but now focus my training to achieve my goals.  I don’t worry as much about what the scale says, but focus on training hard and eating the right balance of protein, fats and carbs.  Katie’s been awesome in dialing in my macros along the way.  I ran my first half-marathon, and it was amazing!  I was fueled well and I felt great the entire run!  I am so pleased with my performance and am still shocked in the improvements that I was able to make in my 12 weeks of training.  At first, I just wanted to finish, but along the way, I decided that I wanted a great time.  My pace was 7:48/mile and I finished in 1:42:10.  I never could have done so well without Katie!  During my first 12 weeks with Katie, I lost 7 pounds and 6 ½ inches overall, but the real results were a shift in mindset, a greater appreciation for my body and feeling empowered to be able to change, improve and achieve even bigger goals!  I’m so excited to see what the next 12 weeks will bring (& I’m pretty sure Katie’s stuck with me for the long-haul!)

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Client Feature-Sarah

Today, I wanted to share Sarah's story with you! She is such a joy to work with and so unique, and I think that you will love her story! <3 Also, if you don't already know about my Youtube channel, I'm going to be sharing my entire reverse dieting journey today as well! 

                  I am a firm believer in the power of travel.  For me, travel opens up new challenges and opportunities my daily routine does not.  Last week I was fortunate enough to spend 9 days in Costa Rica.  I left at 3am Saturday the 9th and returned at 3am Monday the 18th.  This trip was absolutely magical.  First off, I am petrified of heights.  PETRIFIED. But I ziplined down the rainforest and took 8 separate ziplines as well as a tram up the side of the mountain to get to the first zipline. 

                  The physical challenges were there (ziplining, hiking national forests, and hiking in nature preserves) but the mental challenges were also there.  I was away from macro counting and my normal gym routine for longer than 2-3 days for the first time since I started this journey.  I reverse dieted with Katie for 12 weeks to fix my damaged metabolism and continued doing so until my 17th week where I was happy with my carbs (235grams!!!!!) and decided to stop.  I work out 6 days a week because I like to.  I do not run (except to the fridge and from spiders) and only do HIIT twice a week.  And a quick little background on me to put what I'm going to say next in perspective for you.  I have never had a full blown eating disorder.  I do sometimes have disordered eating tendencies.  I gained weight and was having terrible migraines weekly my junior year of college.  It was affecting my self esteem and my life.  I could not function.  The migraines were crippling and required me to lay in bed in the dark for hours until they subsided.  I decided to change and exercise more/eat "better" my senior year of college.  I of course, did so stupidly.  I was over training and wayyyy under eating.  This led to me weighing far too little for my height (5 ft 3) and screwing up my hormone levels (I have not had a period in almost a year and a half now).  My family and friends began getting concerned because I only ate what I thought was "healthy" and in the amounts I thought were healthy.  Never deviated.  Did not eat out.  All sounds like disordered eating right? Well it was.  It was affecting my relationship with my family and friends but I didn’t see it because my migraines were gone and I was skinny for the first time in my life!  Flash forward to reverse dieting and recognizing that I had treated my body, my temple, my very being like shit for way too long.  I now weigh more but have a hella lot more muscle and a booooooooottttty.  (;  I worked hard for this and with Katie's help, I did it. 

                  I had a decision to make before I left for Costa Rica.  Was I really going to not go on this trip because I couldn’t count my carbs or squat?  HELL. NO. I had absolutely no access to a gym and the only exercise I did was the activity for the day.  And you know what? I rocked a bikini on a beach for 2 whole days.  I ate more rice and beans than I ever thought possible.  I'm pretty positive rice is considered a vegetable for the Costa Ricans but I digress haha. 

                  This is the life I can now live.  And it all started with Katie.  Her help, guidance, and the tools she provides us enabled me to take this trip and not stress about food.  Yes it was hard.  Yes I struggled without my veggies and gym.  But when you get to spend the day on a beach with less than 20 people in a foreign country?  I think I managed just fine.  Am I ready to eat intuitively?  No.  I know I under ate some days and over ate others.  But the memories I made with my cousin by just letting it go and living in the moment?  THAT'S what matters.  We work out and exercise daily so when we take this time out of our daily lives, we will be just fine.  And I am! I'm back in the gym because I love it.  I did not do any excess cardio and had honestly around 5 tablespoons of peanut butter this week.  Going without my beloved PB was the hardest part trip! 

                  If I can do this, anyone can!  Listen to Katie when she tells you to eat your damn carbs and remember food is fuel not the enemy.  Carbs are yummy.  Fats and protein are yummy.  Food is a part of life and a way to share moments with those we love.  If anyone ever needs guidance or is worried about doing something like this, or has any food issues you think I can help with, or if you can relate to my story, please feel free to reach out to me.  My email is below and I love to talk.  Just ask Katie! I'm pretty sure I did every check in every week haha! 

With a happy belly, love, and macros,

Sarah Karn

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So, Katie sent this into me so long ago and I have no idea why I never shared with you guys! I'm hoping this is a nice surprise for her this morning. Katie remains to be such a good friend, and I love seeing how successful these girls are after they have worked with me and learned the ropes and then can fly out of the nest on their own. haha! But, sometimes I miss having them in my inbox ;) I am however excited because she shed 13 minutes off her PR after working with me, and I will get to see her in Boston this year! YAY!!!! Can't wait to hug her neck!

 Running on empty. That is how I would describe how I was living before I began working with Katie.  After completing the Boston Marathon last April, I was in a rut.  I was running 75 miles a week and eating less than 1200 calories a day. It was no surprise I was not seeing improvements in my running. I missed by personal goal in Boston by 9 heartbreaking minutes.  I needed help, so I reached out to Katie.  I wanted to get faster and I was just tired of being on a diet all the time.  More importantly, I did not want my two daughters to see their mom running and dieting all the time. As I approached 40, I wanted to finally feel freedom from dieting.  When I read Katie's posts, I thought this is what I need!  I reached out to Katie and told her I wanted to get faster and she assured me she could help.  I had never reached out to anyone online but for some reason this just felt right. I was taken by her positive attitude and her certainty that she could help.  At age 39, I had been watching what I ate for years, it clearly was not working.  I needed a change, Katie's plan is the change I needed. I was tired of being hungry all the time and watching the scale move in the wrong direction.

As soon as I received my plan, I was hooked.  I wanted to succeed and I knew I would if I stuck to my plan.  I found sticking to my macros was easy. I loved that I could eat pretty much what I wanted, it was just a just a of balance to make it all fit. Katie was there anytime I had a question and there were a lot of questions.  Immediately I saw results.  I was elated.  I was eating and losing weight. I was discovering the magic of macros.  Since beginning my cut in June, I have stuck to my macros every single day, never feeling like I needed a cheat meal (and goodness, I love food).  If I wanted a treat, I just made it fit.  I now eat foods that I had not eaten in years!  I was falling more in love with macros each day.

I was loving this journey.  The best part was I could feel a change in my running.  Every run I was feeling stronger and I was seeing it in my training. In August, I began training for my 19th marathon.  I felt stronger than ever. By September, I was ready to reverse diet.  This was so exciting to me, it has brought me nothing but joy.  As I continued to train for my marathon, I was seeing improvements in my times weekly.  Maybe I really did need to fuel my body for running!  In September I ran a 20 mile race that pretty much got the best of me every year.  I felt so strong the entire race.  The icing on the cake was was the first female in a race that I usually struggled to finish. As I approached my marathon, I knew it was time for a new goal.  I felt nothing but peace going into my marathon.  I felt stronger that ever.  I met my goal at my marathon, running 9 minutes faster than the goal I came to Katie with (and a 13 minute PR).  The best part is felt strong for this race and I feel that I finally ran a marathon that I had trained for.

I now eat about 800 calories more a day than when I came to Katie and I weigh more than 20 pounds less.  Now those are numbers that I love! My only regret is not finding Katie sooner.  Katie has truly changed my life, her knowledge and faith in me has brought nothing but joy.

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So, I always say this but I truly mean it that the girls that I work with are such a joy. There are some people that I start coaching that I think "Wow, I really look up to this person" and Meg is one of those people. She's such an example of Christ shining every single day. She is always joyful at her check ins no matter if she lost tons that week or not, and so I'm excited to share her story with you today. I also can't wait to see her in a few weeks at our team retreat AGAIN (she came to one of my seminars in Shelby as she lives in Charlotte)!!! YAY!


I found Katie through another IIFIYM lady I followed on Instagram right before I got pregnant with my daughter, which was about the time I decided I needed a HUGE change in my life and was looking for a new lifestyle/way to loose weight and keep it off. I have suffered with yoyo weight and hormonal problems due to endometriosis since I was 16 years old. I was always a more "muscular" or "bigger boned" ( I really hate these labels by the way) girl growing up and after moving from Cali to NC I found my weight, energy levels, overall daily life was at its worst. 

I started reading every post on Katies blog along with following all of her accounts because I wanted to learn more and really hit the ground running when I could loose weight after having my daughter. I found it to be very intriguing and the data and information she had posted regarding IIFYM was unreal compared to any other resources I could find. Completely blew my mind. Then of course as many of you also experience, I fell in love with her as a person and coach. She is truly the sweetest most genuine person on IG with a banging body I've found! So I made up my mind I'd start one of her programs after having my daughter.  

After 6 months of a restricted diet due to some allergies my daughter had, I finally was in the clear to start a diet and get back on track. I like many others started with a fad diet 30 day challenge because I really wanted to drop weight fast, even though I knew better. I did well the during the 30 days but couldn't keep up the clean eating and low calorie while working out so I bit the bullet and bought Katies Relentless resolutions and asked to get on her waiting list for personalized coaching. I spent two months learning how to lift again, learning how to use MFP and count macros and I felt better than I could ever remember feeling in my life, other than the soreness, ouch her workouts are killer and the soreness at first was unreal.  I finally saw consistent progress and got to eat my ice-cream treat every night without feeling guilty. I couldn't believe it! I was seeing results that were consistent with no need to feel I was restricting my diet and I was eating almost 1700 cal win win! 

After the two months I was stoked I could start my weekly coaching with Katie and had lost 12 lbs and countless inches. I started her lifting and running plan and made my new goals. I wanted to run a half marathon and marathon the next year. I could barely run 2 miles straight when I started but watching her grow in her own running journey and just showing up day in and out to the gym and to run I knew I'd get there. After 12 weeks of coaching I lost another 15 + pounds and went from barely running 2 miles straight to running 10k's and enjoying the runners high! I'm now half way through my 2nd 12 week cutting program and excited to share I'm about 10.5 pounds from my goal. As I get to the last few pounds the journey gets harder as my intake has gone down and my exercising has gone up, but every week I get an encouraging email from Katie helping me push through it and teaching me how to fuel my body to meet my goals. 

I'm actually really excited about finishing strong and starting my reverse/ journey to my first marathon as well. I feel like a brand new person, fitting into clothes I haven't worn in over 5 years, including feeling comfortable in a bikini, something I never thought I would be able to sport again! My relationship with Katie has not only transformed my self image, body, mind, and spirit it has helped improve so many other areas of my life as I've learned how to fuel my body based on what my goals are instead of eating and regretting what I put into my body and feeling crappy because it wasn't the appropriate nutrients to sustain my body. I LOVE IIFYM and Katie and her programs even more! I have countless friends and family members who are now working with her after seeing my consistent transformation and it makes me want to tell the world about her! 

More than the weight loss I've finally found peace with food.  Something she emailed me before my 2nd program was her goal for all of her clients. It changed the way I looked at food, my body, and my goals. It's not the enemy, I don't need to restrict it to get the body I want and binge when I want a night out. My body actually sustains "cheat meals" (if you want to call them that, I really just fit into my day even on low calories and macros what I want that day and work back wards) very well. I don't gain 2 lbs after having a great night out or feel I need to obsess over what I ate or restrict it, I simply enjoy my life now and am mindful of my choices and how it affects my body. The process was hard at first learning how to track and weigh food, and working out harder than I have in my LIFE…..but now 6 months in looking back I know that the process works and if you just let go and trust it, the possibilities are endless. 

Thank you for being more than a client but a friend to me too Meg!!! 

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SO, Wendi was so sweet to write a testimonial for me and she has been SUCH a great client and friend through this entire process. I'm so blessed to have gotten to know her during our time together, and sometimes I feel like a mom who misses her kids when they leave the nest! HAHA! I want to keep these girls in my email inbox forever, but it's so cool to be able to teach them things during our 12, 24, or 36 weeks together and to see them be able to carry that information with them for the rest of their lives! THAT's what I love! :) So, here's her story: 

Please let me tell you my "life changing" journey with KATIESFITSCRIPT...I'm 43 & I was tired of feeling defeated by diet & exercise. I started following Katie on Instagram about a year and a half ago because I was so inspired by her posts. She seemed honest, helpful, & supportive.

I reached out to Katie & inquired about which program would best suit me? She suggested the Fitness Prescription Plus.  I saw much success with that program even within the first month! Once I completed that we decided to do my first cut. I kept on Katie's program with the weekly check ins, followed her advice & completed my cut.  At this time I was now ready to reverse! I was nervous but excited at the thought of being able to eat more food!??  That journey was very successful as well! Not only physically but mostly my relationship with food. I finally found balance...hallelujah for IIFYM!!!

The journey continues...once my first reverse was complete we decided to keep reversing. I am currently over a 100grams of carbs higher then when I started with Katie.  I have maintained the same weight & I have become even more leaner, most definitely stronger & my energy is through the roof! As for my endurance...wow it has improved dramatically! I can go harder & longer.

It's just so crazy! If anyone is contemplating having Katie as their health coach I cannot stress enough that you should totally do it!! I consume so much yummy food. If you track your macros, follow Katie's guidance, her opinions & embrace her outlook you will change your life! I look forward to everyday! No more negative thoughts & days filled w stress of how I've fallen of the wagon & can't get back on.

Katie you rock! Please promise that you will take this journey of yours & your healthy approach on helping us understand the way our bodies & food can work together & run to the hills with it! You are so REAL. I would wear a shirt everyday with KATIESFITSCRIPTwritten all over it just to spread the freakin word about how awesome you are! You are by far the best Health Coach ever!!!

From your friend & one of your biggest supporters

Wendi has went from eating around 125g C to eating around 260g C from the last time that I checked in with her! She is an incredible person, and I'm just so happy she gets to eat in peace forever and ever! :) 

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Kindal signed up with me last black friday and I feel that life hasn't been the same since. It's hard to imagine life without this girl, and I even got to meet up with her and run with her when she came to NYC for one weekend! She is a true gem, and like she said, we truly have become great friends! She also has an instagram that you can follow: @runningwithstrength if you want to follow along with her journey as she does lots of fun things! :) Thank you for being such a light in my life Kindal <3

I have been Black Friday shopping since I was 2 years old but I don’t think I bought a more life changing gift for myself than the Fitness Prescription Plus from KatiesFitScript. I had been following her on Instagram for a few months when she released the special and I told my husband I wanted to try the whole “IIFYM” thing and that I thought she would understand me as we had a lot of things in common. My husband said well go ahead but you won’t stick with it for 2 weeks and it will be a waste – well one year later and I could say that went much differently than expected.

I would not say Katie and I have the prototypical client/coach relationship, I think we became friends right from the beginning (which to be honest I was hoping so). Katie has coached me through two cuts and two reverses as well as two marathon training cycles resulting in my most recent Boston Qualifying time. In 1 year Katie has taken me from an injured runner eating 1500 calories/day and barely running a 2 hour half marathon to a Boston Qualified Marathoner in 3:24:42 eating 2000+ calories per day. However, it is so much more than a body image or a number on the scale. Katie has given me the belief to DREAM BIG and the support system through Team KatiesFitScript to jump knowing I will never fall.

In one year I can honestly say Katie has changed my life for the good forever. I am more passionate and confident in every aspect of my life after completing one year with Katie and I am forever grateful. One year ago that Black Friday Special was the biggest blessing and gift I ever could have gave myself because I know now I would not be the woman I am today without her. So thank you Katie for being my coach but more importantly now my friend – I hope many other women will take the leap of faith with you and obtain the happiness and health that I have. 

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Athlete Testimonial-LAURA HENSON

So, I absolutely LOVE working with athletes! It's a super fun nutrition profile to write up and really help these ladies to make progress not only in their aesthetic goals but in their training as well. Laura is such an incredible triathlete and I'm lucky that I get to call her my client! 

My background in sports is mostly in competitive swimming where I swam for the University of Houston, turned triathlete. My energy levels, speed, strength, endurance, and performance had not been consistent over the last few years in competitive swimming and running. Additionally, I had been lifting weight for years as well and felt I was not making any progress towards maintaining muscle mass nor achieving the desired body composition.


I found Katie Ringley on the facebook group page “ Women For Tri”, and  chose to work with her  because she is extremely inspirational, passionate, motivational, insightful, helpful, down to earth, talented, and intelligent. More importantly, her positive “can-do” attitude is contagious! Furthermore, I feel that her being a competitive athlete herself, she would be able to relate much more to my own personal goals.


Fortunately, Katie Ringley was my heroine! After a quick conversation  about what I wanted to accomplish and a brief history of my eating and exercise habits, she quickly determined I was caloric deficient and set me up on the reverse dieting/ metabolic plan and has been handling the entire process flawlessly over the last 2 months. I contacted  Katie because I  want to compete in half/ full  Ironmans and marathons  and came to the conclusion that I needed to get my body functioning properly inside and out  before I could attempt these goals where nutrition is important in completing these types of endurance events.



Katie’s expertise in the subject area and the ability to derive a unique customized program provided immediate results from Day 1.  Her approach and delivery of the program is adaptive to meet everyone’s needs, plus she is determined to make sure every person is successful in meeting their goals


I continue to learn about nutrition, fueling properly,   and its positive impact on training and races. It has been a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Katie Ringley to anyone and everyone at every fitness level.   I think everyone would be delightfully surprised at how well the process works.


Katie's Fit Script has helped me by taking me to new levels of athletic performance and continues to challenge me to set bigger goals for myself. I am consistently improving on a weekly basis, crushing my personal goals and having to re-asses new ones.  Also, I am lifting heavier and try to increase as suggested through her program.


 One thing I love is the flexibility in my food choices, and not worrying about gaining neither bad weight nor the amount of carbs, protein, or fat I take in.  I have found the experience refreshing, personable, reliable, and most of all fun. It has been extremely surprising and exciting to perform at higher levels with more energy and less exertion. Working with Katie has an amazing experience and look forward to working with her. I would recommend Katies Fit Script to people who need to improve upon their performance in their chosen sport or fitness level.


Thank you so much Laura!!! This was wonderful, and I can't wait to see all you accomplish in the tri world!!! :)


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Today, I'm excited to share with you one of my longest standing clients, Andrea! She is one of those people that I can't imagine not checking in with weekly now, and she has even helped my business to grow. I adore her, and her story is inspiring! I'm so happy that she decided one day from instagram to reach out to me!

My passion for health and fitness started about six years ago. I have always wanted to look like a competitor, but not compete (well not just yet anyway!). I was a vegetarian for several years, but I noticed I was eating WAY too many carbs and not enough protein. So I increased my protein intake, while decreasing my carbs and started running A LOT. I thought that would give me the results I wanted, and I lost weight, of course! I participated in several group fitness classes at the gym, until I felt comfortable in the workout area. I soon became familiar with the gym equipment and weights area, but I would not stop the cardio. As I could see a layer of fat over my muscles, I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I started hearing all this talk about “clean eating.” Once again, I eliminated foods from my diet, thinking that would help me reach my fitness goals. I didn’t have any guidance other than what I read in magazines or online.

When I became pregnant, I was advised to continue my workout routine, but I could not lift too heavy. I found myself in more of the group fitness classes, and walked and ran often.  Staying healthy and active was very important for my daughter and me. After I was cleared to work out, I was beyond ready and dedicated to get back into shape. Even though I was active throughout my pregnancy, I felt like I was starting from the beginning.

After a couple attempts to reach my health and fitness balance, I still was not happy with my progress, physically or mentally. I was too busy looking for that “quick fix.” I knew I could not have a lifestyle that was restricting foods or having that guilt feeling when I splurged, every so often.  Then one day, BAM!! I saw KatiesFitScript on Instagram. I stalked her page for a while but immediately loved everything about her….her appearance, her words, and her passion. I saw a glimpse into how she much she cared for her clients. I say ‘a glimpse’ because the way she cares about the success and growth of her peeps is unreal. Katie’s purpose and mission is to change her clients’ lives from the inside out. This was all I needed to hear from her :)

I read about Flexible Dieting and IIFYM and felt this was the appropriate path for me, because I wanted to eat according to my fitness goals. I began a Cut, with Katie’s guidance, and saw results within a week. I was eating A LOT of food and thought “This is too good to be true!” That layer of fat, that was always there, had melted away. The best part? Foods, which I eliminated from my diet 10+ years ago, returned to my daily food menu….v e r y slowly! After a couple of weeks, I knew this was MY lifestyle. I look forward to inputting my foods into MFP daily because it holds me accountable. I have treats mixed in with my whole, nutritious foods, and I don’t feel guilty about that at all.

I have been working with Katie for seven months now, and my whole body composition has changed. It’s not about seeing abs. I appreciate my shoulder, arm, quad, hamstring, and glute gains! I am Reverse Dieting now. I truly enjoy being in the gym, for it is my ‘ME’ time. I am not spending hours on the treadmill anymore either. YAY! I absolutely love seeing my overall strength (physically and mentally) grow. Fitness has changed every aspect of my life. It amazes me how one thing can change everything! Throughout my journey, I have learned I cannot take care of my daughter unless I take care of myself. She is my reason, not my excuse. I am the MOST comfortable, in my own skin, than ever before! Just for that reason, I am sincerely thankful and grateful to have Katie in my life! My teammates (AKA my extended family) have been an integral part of my transformation as well. Thank you, Katie and #TeamKatiesFitScript, for your constant support and encouragement. I am now living my #LifeWithoutLimits!

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When I think about Tish, I think about hard work. I think about someone who loves and gives with her whole heart, and who is an amazing member of our team. I'm so grateful for her joining me with my challenge for the switch to macros, and I hope that you enjoy her story as much as I did! :) 

For most of my life I was the “big” girl and I was really self-conscious of my body and wanted to know why I didn’t look like all of the other girls. I was genetically blessed with a bigger (muscular) frame but the way that society portrayed women made me think that I was supposed to be tiny and petite. My senior year of high school I decided that I was tired of being made fun of for being overweight so I decided to start running and eating healthier. I knew nothing about health and fitness and just dove in head first. I was super influenced by things that I read online and this led me to basically eating nothing at all while running 8-10 miles per day. Sure I lost weight, 80 pounds to be exact in just 6 short months. I went from 200 to 120 pounds in just six months. I ate maybe 600 calories a day and I ran ALL the time. I was tired, depressed, unhealthy and all of this combined with the stress of senior year led me to a lot of health issues. I went to the doctor and they wanted me to eat more and gain some weight so I decided that I was going to start eating “clean”.

I tracked my calories to make sure that I was getting enough but I would not touch something that wasn’t what I perceived to be “clean”. I wouldn’t go out to eat with friends, I wouldn’t eat something that someone else made for me and I would make myself sick if I ate something that was not up to my standards. This mentality led me to binge eating and we all know about that route so I am not going to elaborate on it but I gained weight and I gained it fast. I was back up to 160 pounds and even more miserable than before. This was right around the time that Instagram started becoming really popular and I kept seeing posts about IIFYM and flexible dieting. Being the curious person that I am and wanting to try yet another “fad” diet, I started looking into flexible dieting.

I found Katie’s page and was SO inspired by her body and her mindset. I knew that I wanted to work towards a lifestyle just like the one she was preaching about. So I did my research and I calculated a base set of macros for my activity level and it went from there. It was a huge learning process and it didn’t happen overnight.  I struggled with hitting these numbers and learning the ropes of IIFYM but once I got the hang of it, it became a lifestyle. I did my own cut and got back down to a very healthy 140 pounds but I was still doing lots of cardio. I was happy with my relationship with food but still not satisfied with my body.

I bought Katie’s Relentless Resolutions Program because I wanted start lifting weights and I wanted to build some muscle on my already large frame. I started with Katie’s workout program and at first I was scared and I hated doing the workouts but after a month of them I was in love with lifting. I basically quit doing cardio and started lifting 6 days a week. I put on muscle fairly fast and I loved the way that my body was shaping out. I realized that my broad shoulders and big quads were no longer a curse but a blessing. They helped me to run faster and lift heavier. This year I reversed my diet out from 1400-2000 calories and actually lost 5 pounds in the process. I went from 40/120/160 to 59/245/140.  I will eat anything, I can go out to eat with friends, I eat carbs before bed and I no longer have “fear foods”. I am 5’8’ and I do not know how much I weigh anymore nor do I care, I am more concerned with making PR’s every day. I am the happiest that I have ever been with my body, I am confident and I look forward to going to the gym every day. I can’t thank Katie enough for showing me the light and helping me out of the darkest place in my life. I am truly thankful for her and this group of girls that I consider family <3 

With love and amazing women,


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Morganne Testimonial

As you all may have seen, Morganne is my client/friend that is officially in Germany for deployment. She's such a sweetheart, and wanted to share her experience and story with you so I thought I would share.

How do I even begin to explain how much Reverse Dieting has changed my life? The past 20 weeks have honestly been more than I ever could have imagined. I remember the day I received my workouts and my metabolic build-up 20 because I was filled with anxiety and nerves, but at the same time absolute confidence that this is what my life needed!

I started with Katie on her Fitness Prescription plan before starting my Reverse Diet to do a mini-cut (3 weeks long LOL), but mainly find maintenance. At the end of this I asked myself, what’s next? Where do I want to be in the future? The answer was to reverse and build up my metabolism!

In the 20 weeks I reversed, I have upped my carbs by 85g ---150g to 235g and my fats by 10g ---50g to 60g. 15 weeks in I decided to stop increasing my fats because my body responds better to medium fat levels…if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s to listen to your body! Reverse Dieting is hard, but it is so worth it if you stick to your macros and stay consistent. My approach was to incorporate all foods daily and to omit a “cheat meal.” If I wanted sweets I would plan it in, because it kept me from going overboard on food, and in my opinion there are no “naughty foods” or “good foods.” Reverse Dieting is about finding balance in your life and this was a way that I achieved that feeling.

Along this journey there have been days where I wanted to give up and where I questioned myself, but at the end of the day I kept remembering my WHY. It’s a hard process, you will be bloated if you eat too many volume foods right after an increase, your weight may fluctuate, you might feel too hungry or even too full…but it is temporary feeling for a long term goal!

At the end of all of this my outlook on life and food has turned completely around. I see food as fuel for my body, a cookie is going to be used in the same way as an apple, which one satisfies my hunger more? I’ve slowly regained confidence that I had lost many years ago. I see the gym and lifting heavy with cardio as something I love doing because it makes me feel good, not because I need to work out to feel good.

Final stats: 235C/155P/60F and 3lbs of weight lost overall ***please note weight loss was not my initial goal, but something my body did naturally. I fluctuated within a 4lb range my entire reverse, but my ending weight is 3lbs less.

Words of advice: trust this process, trust Katie, reach out to her if you’re second guessing things, write down how you felt daily or weekly, record your measurements/weight/weekly pictures, and remember your reason why. If you don’t put forth 100% you won’t get results you want. You’ll only get what you put into this.

Below is Morganne's transformation, aka she increased her diet tremendously and didn't change. She was able to successfully reverse and now feels much more comfortable going into deployment. She also is the most incredibly sweet woman out there.

Morganne reverse before and after.JPG

With love and reverse dieting, 


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Team Feature: Traci

I'm excited to introduce you to my sweet, sweet client Traci today. She is an absolutely light of my team, and I can't imagine not having her. She has been working with me for 5 months now, and she just signed up again so I'm very excited to just let her share her story on the blog today. 

Without further adieu... 

I want to start by saying how honored I am for Katie to ask me if she could feature me on her blog.  Katie, you are amazing!  Thank you for the opportunity!  I’ve trained in the gym for 8 plus years and started because I was tired of being overweight, I didn’t eat healthy nor did I like how I looked or felt.  My brother helped me in the beginning with workouts and after a few years of following his workouts and doing weight watchers, I decided I wanted to get more serious about my weight loss….I wanted the “ripped body” so many strive for, so I started working with a trainer several days a week and he helped me lose 45 lbs (and keep it off!!!!) with diet and exercise. 

I continued to chase the “ripped body” and several years later had gained muscle, but just couldn’t achieve the killer body I wanted.  I began hearing about IIFYM and the amazing results people were seeing by counting macros so I started researching it.  The more I read about nutrition and training, the more I realized I wasn’t eating right and I needed to fuel my body with more food, provide a better balance of nutrients and stop restricting calories and certain foods.  I learned that less calories and more exercise weren’t the answer, they were actually the problem.  I also needed to lift heavier weight to tighten up and build muscle, which I started immediately. 

My trainer and friend has been so supportive through this entire journey, when I went to him in April 2014 and told him I wanted to start lifting heavy, we immediately discussed my goals and changed course; he pushes me to be my best.  He challenges me every day in the gym to push myself to do more and be more and his motivation and belief in me helps me push past the mental barrier and raise the bar (literally! haha!).  On the nutrition side, I worked with a nutrition coach for a short time, but after gaining weight and the person going MIA on me, I was left to figure out what to do next.  After six weeks of following my previous plan of restrictive eating, aka eating clean, and no weight loss or fat loss, I realized something was really wrong and I needed more specialized help. 

I had followed Katie for quite a while on IG and her blog and respected her for her strong faith, fitness/nutrition knowledge, positive attitude and honesty.  Once I finally got up the nerve to reach out to her, she responded back quickly and said she had seen my situation far too often and recommended I follow her metabolic adaptation program, which meant reverse dieting to increase my calories and jump start my metabolism.  My metabolism was shot from all the restrictive dieting I had done over the years.  She carefully explained how the process worked and assured me this would change my future.  I had so much fear, anxiety, and tears over eating more calories, but I also knew I had to do it for my health. 

I was in a bad place and I knew it.  I made the decision to embrace the process with my whole heart, trust God and trust the process.  I knew it would require patience on my part to undo all the damage I had done.  After all, I had followed restrictive eating for years, so it would require me to take each day one step in front of the other.  I slowly increased each week and checked in with Katie every two weeks and after about a month in, I started getting a glimpse of what Katie meant by doing this for my future. 

The empowerment and freedom I felt from eating more food, eating foods that had previously been off limits was liberating.  As each month went by, I felt giddy with excitement as I would plan my meals and that feeling of empowerment and freedom continued to grow until I fully realized this process was changing my life.  I was so excited – my quality of life was back!  Something else happened along the way, my mindset of self-acceptance, self-love, trust and understanding changed dramatically.  I also let the number on the scale go – I weigh once a week to keep in check, but it no longer has a hold on me, it doesn’t define me or set the tone of my day.  It’s a number – I step on the scale, see it and step off and go about my day. 

There aren’t words for the freedom that brings you!  I was one of those who weighed morning and night every single day!  Ridiculous, I know!  But, that was me.  I finished my reverse diet program last week and I am a different person.  I was beaming a week ago because I actually worked a hamburger and shoestring fries (made at home) into my daily macros and it wasn’t considered a cheat meal.  I remember sitting, staring at the screen and just smiling ear to ear.  It was a moment for me that I realized wow! my carbs are pretty high and then my next thought was I’ve done this, I’ve successfully reversed dieted and tears came to my eyes.  My weight stayed consistent throughout the five month process, my measurements dropped by half inch and I leaned down quite a bit as I increased 50 carbs and 10 fat over this timeframe.  What this process brought to my life is beyond words. 

I’m grateful to God for leading me to Katie, she is such a blessing.  Each check-in, she cheered me on and encouraged me to continue increasing my macros, but at the same time allowed me full control over how I felt in increasing or holding my numbers.  I’m just so overjoyed with the process and feel I have my life back.  I’m continuing my journey with Katie, this time with a slow cut to lose the extra body fat I need to lose so I can show off those muscles I’ve worked so hard to obtain.  This time I signed up for the Double Trouble program because my husband started working with her too!  Woohoo! I still have improvements to make, but for the first time, I truly believe this is my year!  I can see it!  I can feel it and I’m hungry for it!  It’s so close I can see the finish line and more importantly, I see myself standing on the other side. 

With love and beautiful clients, 


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Competition Prep with Brooke

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you guys a sweet client of mine named Brooke who I have grown to know and love. If you want to read all about her story and her experiences with me, read below! Brooke is real and raw and her story will inspire you. She is beautiful inside and out and I'm sure a DANG good lawyer! 

I was two weeks into my twelve week figure competition prep.  I was in a bad place on this particular evening that I recall.  It was a place full of uncertainty and anxiety.  I know that two weeks sounds like nothing, but when you are living and breathing something twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week by two weeks it felt like I had been in preparation for much longer. 

I was working with a coach who had given me some of her old, handwritten, photocopied, competition prep meal plans and diets.  They were hard to decipher and so I asked as many questions as possible.  I came up with my own “diet” based upon talking to her and reviewing what she had given me.  I should inform you that I am gluten free, dairy, free, meat free, and supplement free.  I do eat eggs and fish.  The two weeks had been rough, because my coach kept telling me to just eat chicken.  I felt like she did not understand me or respect my lifestyle that predated this competition prep.  I, like everyone else, had seen and followed many young women on Instagram and Facebook that live the IIFYM diet and used it during competition prep. 

Since I was so uncertain about whether the diet I had put together would work I wanted to see what one of these young ladies would recommend my macros be and see how my diet measured up.  I was overwhelmed and did not know which one of these ladies, whom I had never met and may never meet, to choose to entrust with this task.  I set out on a run.  I did not take my Garmin watch or my iPod; it was just me, the road, and my thoughts.  I spent that three mile running praying nonstop.  I prayed that He would calm my nerves, help me find peace, and if one of these ladies was the path to take that He would lead me to her.  He spoke to me.  He told me that it was Katie. 

I came home from that run feeling focused and calm and sent an email to Katie.  Never once did I second guess that decision.  It was not my decision after all; it was Him who brought us together.  Katie got right back to me and we coordinated a time to talk over the phone that worked with my insane schedule.  Katie was so sweet! I felt like we were old friends and I felt like she cared about me and respected me before I had even hired her yet.  I explained my gluten free, dairy free etc lifestyle, my competition goals, my fears, my demanding work schedule.  Katie listened to it all and did not try to sway me about anything.  She was confident she could help me.  So I signed up with her. 

By the time I got my competition package I had nine weeks of competition prep left.  My package with Katie was just for the macros.  I had several trainers I was working with for the workouts in my hometown, so Katie and I just focused on the nutrition aspect of competition prep. 

Immediately upon receiving my macros I began on that Sunday.  This seems like a good time to confess that I am very type A and have OCD tendencies.  I followed Katie’s numbers religiously! Every single day I hit those numbers like my life depended on it and I never once cheated.  Many people have a regular cheat meal during competition prep.  I did not do this.  I think that in twelve weeks I maybe had three cheat meals and they were very clean meals such as ahi tuna and sushi. I also maintained my gluten free, dairy free, meat free lifestyle while still hitting all my numbers.  I did not take any vitamins or supplements.  All natural, baby!  I used My Fitness Pal each day to log what I was eating and it worked well for me.  

My struggles with the competition diet were not those that are most common.  I did not crave “bad” things.  What I missed and craved most were fruits, vegetables, and beans.  Before competition prep I led a lifestyle that was as raw as possible full of fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, and nuts, but I got such a small amount of these things and even smaller the closer we got to competition.  However, by following Katie’s plan I learned so much about food.  I learned about serving sizes, carbohydrates, and fats and I also learned that I must have a good metabolism because boy was my regular diet high in carbs and fat, good carbs and fat, but carbs and fat nonetheless.  Following a macros plan and working with Katie really forced me to get in tune with my body and focus on what it needed for success rather than what my mind was telling me I wanted.  I confess I led a healthy lifestyle before the competition prep and I was in great shape, but this process allowed me to take my health and fitness goals to another level.

Katie did not just send me the macros and then set me free she was there with me the entire nine weeks.  I would send Katie progress pictures over the course of the next several weeks so that she could see how I was doing and she would make adjustments to my macros accordingly.  I felt like I was her worst nightmare.  I would constantly email her with questions about things other people told me, things I had stayed up all night in bed reading about, and about whether or not she thought I was progressing and would be ready.  Katie was a trooper! She never once seemed frustrated with me and was my rock answering all my questions and constantly reassuring me. 

Then there was peak week.  For anyone just starting out, peak week is the week immediately preceding the competition.  It is different from all the other weeks and super specific and detail oriented in an attempt to get you ready to hit your peak on show day.  Katie provided me a peak week plan and at the very last minute I had to change competitions, but Katie did not skip a beat and altered my peak week plan to fit the new competition.

I competed on November 1, 2014, in the NPC All South competition in St. Augustine, Florida.  I placed third out of four in the figure short open category.  This placement gave me a national qualification.  More importantly though, I felt so confident before I took that stage in the package that I brought and I knew that no matter what place I got I did it in the safest, healthiest and most pure way.  There is absolutely no way that I would have gotten through competition prep and the competition without Katie’s guidance and support.  Katie is so awesome that her support did not stop there.  Katie was ready with a post competition plan. 

ith love and my sweet clients,


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Testimony-Gretchen <3

Hey yall! 

I normally don't post twice in one day but I thought this was a valid reason! I have a client that just finished up 12 weeks with me and has officially made the switch to working 20 more weeks with me on a reverse diet. Her name is Gretchen, and she's a 39 year old mother of two! 

And in case you are wondering....she's absolutely gorgeous

She was sweet enough to write a testimony for me about the past 12 weeks and this is what she had to say ... 

“I can’t even begin to express how much I have enjoyed working with Katie.  She is SO responsive and knowledgeable.  I have been fit for most of my life and even have training in Fitness Nutrition, yet Katie’s program has allowed me to be the most fit I have EVER been at the age of 39!  This process has absolutely been a journey and it took us a little while to find my macro sweet-spot, but Katie was there to help me every step of the way.  When I decided to work with Katie I decided I was in it for the long haul and NOT for a quick fix.


In the 15 weeks I have been working with Katie I went from 140 pounds / 20% body fat to 130.3 pounds and 12.5% body fat and I now have a six-pack for the first time in my life!!!  The macros Katie prescribed for me along with lifting HEAVY yielded these results.  I have been extremely consistent and haven’t missed a workout…I really think consistency is key.


I am a very Type-A person and before I found counting macros I would always find some way to restrict myself… 21 day detox, no sugar paleo, ketogenic diets, etc. which resulted in binging on junk when I just couldn’t take it anymore (and I LOVE healthy food).  IIFYM has been life-changing for me.  My relationship with food has never been so balanced.  For the most part I prefer to eat whole foods, however IIFYM has allowed me to eat a treat every single day which has made me not feel the need to binge on junk food because I know I can have it if and when I want it. 


I am so thrilled with what Katie and I have been able to accomplish together that I am now beginning a Reverse Diet with her.  I am excited to begin this next chapter and continue working with Katie whom I can’t thank enough!”

Her story warms my heart and I'm so happy I could help her but she is definitely a VERY hard worker and that's what I love about her! TIME TO REVERSE DIET GIRLFRIEND! 

With love of clients,


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