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Colorado Trip 2017

I had a friend once tell me that she doesn't read my blog for anything other than the travels that I do and the tips that go along with that because she's not interested in fitness. I thought that was wonderful! Lol! How fun that she still had a reason to make her way over here ;)

So, with that said, I'd love to tell you about our trip thus far. We already know what we are doing for our final two days here, so I'm sure I can give a pretty good picture of what that's going to be like, and help anyone out that think that they may want to find their way out to Colorado (specifically Denver/Boulder area). 

We actually flew out of Atlanta on Wednesday morning and stayed the night with our friend from NYC that moved to Atlanta on Tuesday night. As you all know, we have friends seriously everywhere across the US and love using these times to catch up! :) We have decided however that we don't think that we will fly out of ATL again just because we still live a good 3-4 hours from there depending on traffic and that makes for a really long, unnecessary travel day. But seeing Peter made it totally worth it. He's single ladies, and quite the catch! HAHA! (He would kill me if he ever read my blog and saw that sentence). 

When we landed in Colorado, I had no idea and thought that the friends that we are staying with in Colorado lived only 30 minutes from the airport, so we got our rental car and headed that way! My friend, Bridget, actually works from home so that was convenient and easy to arrange! :) 

The first night, we went back into Denver for dinner with a friend that was once a follower, but over time we just realized we had a lot in common and the last time that I went through Denver on the way to Utah, I had lunch with her, and so this time, we wanted our boyfriends/husbands to meet and do dinner so that was a lovely dinner at a place called Linger. They have vegan/vegetarian options which is great! As usual, when the option is presented to us, it's wonderful to have it, but we don't mind either way! :) However, people who follow me, know that we eat mostly plant based so they pick restaurants with options! ;) 

The thing I will say about Colorado is that they are SO GENUINELY friendly. When they say hello, they mean it. When they ask you how your day was, they want to know the details. If you want any sort of substitute for ANYTHING food wise, they do it with a smile on their face. I don't have Celiacs, but I know a lot of people want to have that option and they have it EVERYWHERE here. More than anything, I think it just says something about the character of the people, and I appreciate that. 

Before dinner, I went and ran on a single track trail for 9.5 miles. It was ridiculously freezing cold, hazy so you couldn't see the mountains but I had been stuck on an airplane so it felt good to move!! The second day, the ice had set in everywhere so I decided to keep the workout INDOORS on that day. I also fell on the ice, and ran straight into a pole because I had my hood up and now have a bruise on my eye lid, but no pain no gain right? LOL. NOT. It hurt. 

The next morning, we went for a hike in Boulder. To give perspective, my friends live in Louisville which is one of the towns surrounding Boulder. Boulder is CRAZY expensive to live in, and so many live in Eerie, Louisville, Longmount and some others to be able to afford the area but just not being in actually Boulder, but we are only 15-20 minutes away. It was super snowy, and when we got halfway up to the peak, it got super hazy and looked dangerous. We had Yactrax on our shoes, but just didn't feel safe (and I also was being lazy because it was a heck of a climb) so we turned around. We still got a beautiful day out in nature and the snow and had a ball. That afternoon, we went into downtown boulder for some coffee. It's ADORABLE! In North Carolina, the walking malls would include Ann Taylor and Banana Republic whereas Boulder has a walking mall of Patagonia, Newton Running, and all the other outdoor hippy shops! ;) I loved it! 

The second night we also were able to have dinner at the home of someone that I grew up with from Shelby. She made us dinner, and we got to meet her husband and precious little girl Madeline. It was SUCH a treat to see such a familiar face and she is someone who has done INCREDIBLE things. She's in politics, and has been on Fox News/some sort of TV probably around 300 times, and was named Forbes 30 under 30 in Law and Policy last year and this year, the 3rd most influential Republican female. She is SUCHHH a joy to be around, so I loved our evening with her. 

On Friday, we spent the day going to 5 breweries all over the area. I'm honestly not a beer at all haha! But Tanner is and so that was fun for him to be able to try out a bunch of different places and we were with our friend Matt, so he was leading the way. Needless to say, I drove home at the end! ;) On Friday night, we visited a vegan restaurant and then out for drinks again! ha! 

On Saturday was altitude sickness day! I woke up so excited to get in 18 miles with my friend Bridget (which it turned out being better that we didn't because of Tanner and I's hike on Sunday). We started off and got in the first 6 and it was totally fine. When we turned the corner, there was an intense wind going back but then I started feeling REALLY bad. We started slowing up and going like 9:30 and I still couldn't hold it. I was for sure that I would pass out. We stopped and I took a break for like 5 minutes and ate some Honey Stinger Gummies, and even though I was super nauseous, we kept continuing our way back. I had to stop at least once per mile to breathe and genuinely felt I was for sure going to pass out. We were doing like 10 min/mile and I felt like we were doing 6. It was awful. I was sick the rest of the day with GI upset, headache, nausea, and lack of appetite. Yikes. 

The rest of the day we spent going to consignment gear shops around the city and I found a Prana vest for $20! Score! We also found a ski rack for our car that would save us like $150 but we have no way to get it back so we passed. BOOOO!! 

That night we went to their house to help them paint because they BOUGHT A HOUSE HERE! YAY!!! It's officially official that they are going to be here for a while, which is exciting for them (they just moved in April). I left early to go to bed because I felt so awful.

On Sunday, which was yesterday, was the epic hike. We found a hike that we thought would be "moderate." Tanner has what appears to be walking pneumonia (yea I know lol) and his hamstring issue and he's like REALLY untrained cardio wise right now, and we had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into. It ended up being 10 miles (5 miles of 3500 ft of gain mostly rock climbing in the final 2 miles). There was snow and ice and mud and rocks and falling and cussing and 5 hours worth of work but we made it up and back down and are glad we did. Tanner felt bad that he was "holding me back" because he's so sick but I just couldn't believe he was even doing that altitude while hacking up his lungs. He woke up this morning crazy sick so he is going to just study for his oncology board all day today in coffee shops. 

The hike was beautiful but challenging. It opened up once to where we could get some views and the rest of the time was just climbing. I genuinely thought it would never end, but it did and I'll never forget it. 

We did decide that we aren't as "badass" on the mountains as we try to think we are (I mean we knew this but just a slap of reality check). We also decided that we aren't even sure we enjoyed that kind of "push" as much. So, we decided we will leave the Everest climbs to other people, and I'll leave the 100 mile races for those that are a little more intense than I! ;) I'll stick with road running and triathlon for now! It's interesting the difference in the peaks of Utah and Colorado. Colorado is very pointy so you have to climb a lot to get to the peaks, but then you are like on the ledge looking out over the world. In Utah, it's like you can see more beauty quicker. I like that more! hahah!! 

I had a few ask me about this peak, and it was South Boulder Peak, and when you summit, the other side of the peak that you can't really see in the pictures is a complete drop off. As we were walking around in these pictures, we were holding on to that rock for dear life just because one motion and you're done. I had no idea that it would be so intense of a day but it's a memory of a lifetime. It also helped me to get 61 miles on my feet for the week which is exciting! 

Last night, for the Super Bowl, we headed to a local restaurant and bar and it was a relaxing good time. Today, we chill. Tomorrow, we are going to Winterpark and skiing all day so of course I'm more than thrilled to be doing that!!! Our epic Colorado outdoor adventure is slowly coming to a close, and it's crazy how many trips and memories Tanner and I have made together, and I can't wait for the next one. However, we have decided to not have anymore week long trips away from home for the remainder of 2017. We have some big goals that we are trying to accomplish, and I also feel bad always leaving my dogs with other people. So, this was our big trip of 2017 and it's been amazing! :) 

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Financial Health & Organization

I've been thinking this week how there really are so many things that go into health and one of those things is finances. My mom told me that when you get married, money is something that you fight about often if you aren't careful and on the same page, so you need to be on the same page. Luckily for Tanner and I, we are on the same page. I truly try to exemplify Christ in the way that we handle finances as well, and I just wanted to share what we do and how we balance because I feel like we have a good system. Disclaimer Note: People handle money SO differently which is why couples find it hard to agree. We do NOT think that we are better because of this, but this is what works for us personally as a family, and has helped us to really be able to downsize debt. We also just got out of school a few years ago, so I'm sure this will change through the years.

Combine and conquer

First, if you didn't catch in one of my other blogs, we do combine our money. We believed when we got married that what is mine is yours and what's yours is mine. I had saved ALOT of money before we even met, but that instantly became Tanner's. Tanner was working when we first got married while I was still in school so I felt that only fair anyway as he was carrying us through. Our money is both of ours. We are two people, but one family.

"For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh."-Ephesians 5:31

I believe that with combining money, it is a very biblical way of showing this to one another. I believe that it creates trust that I trust you with my money and you trust me with yours. We believe that in doing this, it's also a statement of "I'm not planning on ever going anywhere" and sets that standard right from the beginning. 

I also said in one of this week's blogs that we have a $50 curtesy call limit of "Yo, I want this. Do you mind?" and we honestly are so close that Tanner texted me to let me know he was buying $30 shoes yesterday at Payless. HA! 


We know how much money comes out of our checks each month default, and we have those written out vs what we make. I don't use an app, but just write it out on a google sheet for myself, and that works best for me. I know that there are some GREAT apps out there (Mint is a good one), but honestly I need more of this for me to actually spend money on ONE thing that isn't related to bills because I tend to get really caught up in getting my student loans paid off that I get consumed by it. 

Some stuff I was comfortable sharing because it's typical, then others I was like...yea no. HAHA!

Some stuff I was comfortable sharing because it's typical, then others I was like...yea no. HAHA!

Okay, so it's not just that I have this tidy app that shows me what I'm going to do with money, but just that I genuinely follow through. That 10% is not much as you can imagine. It's really not, but I want my student loans gone. I know that some people don't mind forking it out for the rest of their lives, but I simply refuse so every dollar that I make that I can put on them, the better. I also know that you want to be able to do nice things with the hard earned money that you get, but I'm just dead set on getting those gone then I'll relax a little. haha! 


Tanner had the same amount as me coming out, but he is doing something called PSLF (public service loan forgiveness). If you are in college, you should look into it. If you work for a non profit (which he works clinical pharmacy so hospitals are typically non profit as are public schools) then after 10 years, all of his are forgiven. He pays a monthly amount that is income based so each year he has to send in information so they re calculate the amount. The first year out of school, he was in residency making 1/3 of what he does now, so therefore the payment was 1/3 less especially with me in school. From a long term wealth perspective, that's SO nice that 12 of his payments were at such a low price. For the ten years, he has to do 120 total payments in a non profit full time setting. 


We think of things as "long term wealth" and I don't say that like we are about to be millionaires...heck to the no. However, I do say that in a way that every day DOES matter, and small decisions do matter. We have learned along the way the flaws in this ESPECIALLY in a Christian manner. We CANNOT be stingy or greedy. It's NOT about us. AT ALL. Our money is not our own. To us, it is the Lord's money but we want to be good stewards of that as well. 

When I went to buy my car, of course they try to convince you to spend money on all of these other things, but that really aren't useful for you. The guy kept trying to tell us that this extended warranty was "only $12 extra per month" and that's so little for what you get, but I kept looking at the numbers and I was like "BUT NO, IT'S $4000 more!" We think in the long term, and not "well it's only X amount this month." 


When we went to buy our house, we could have put a down payment down, but when you look at the interest of the loan on the house which is around 4% and then the interest on my student loans (7%), it's crazy to put money in one place when you could be using that money to pay off a higher interest debt. I don't like being in debt period, and America makes us think it's okay and I guess it's normal, but my goal is to one day not be that way, but I know that it's a process and takes time. We know that investing is great, but again, you have to look at the return. The average return on investments might be 4-10% but what if it's 4% and my loans are sitting at 7%. We have to get rid of that debt first basically is what I'm trying to say. 


Tanner needed new dress clothes for work as he was tired of wearing scrubs. He could have gone to Charlotte to the nice stores like most do. But my outpatient cancer pharmacist husband goes up in Goodwill and spends an entire hour searching and finds 3 brand new pairs of pants, and 4 brand new shirts from name brand places. Yes, he probably hit it big this week and he might not always have luck like that at Goodwill, but I was just so impressed by that. I basically buy everything from Marshals or TJ Maxx, and I live in workout clothes (which I'm changing as of next week-side note that I'm feeling VERY inspired to start getting my workouts done and then getting ready instead of staying in those clothes). Maybe it sounds cheap to some, but I honestly just don't think about spending and if I'm at a store, I would rather pick up something that I could surprise a friend with to tell them I was thinking of them. Again, this works for us and is VERY different than most and we understand that but luckily it helps.


We like to travel, so that's where our "extras" come from typically, and of course that's different for each person and you have to decide what you personally enjoy and not feel bad about spending money in that area. We know that experiences and travel are our thing, but that XYZ are not, so we don't spend in that area. Do y'all ever think the "well you spend $5 on a starbucks every day so you can buy our product" line is old? Like do people ACTUALLY spend $5 on starbucks every day? I sure don't know any. ha! We also ALWAYS eat at home. Always. {Unless of course meeting up with friends/family}

We were both raised in a way that whether you have money or not, you don't spend money in areas that you don't have to. Why would you? I don't know, but people do all the time. People pay for names and brands when no one even knows the difference. If quality is different then well, of course, but I'm talking SAME exact things. If we aren't going to use things anymore, then we sell them on Craigslist. We don't hold onto things that we don't want or need, and part of that is my fear of clutter (that's a joke but really), but it helps to always be transitioning in and out with things that we use and things that we don't. If I haven't used it in 1.5 years, then it has to go. (Example: Tanner got me luggage for my birthday so old was immediately out next day! haha).

I will say I believe in having nice quality things. I believe in having like ONE thing that is super quality and treating it REALLY well, and then if I want more of that particular item then I'll buy a knockoff. For example, I have ONE lululemon top. It brings me joy and I take really good care of it. I have ONE Michael Kohrs purse that I bought four years ago with our leftover Belk wedding money, and I still use it. If I decided to get a new purse, I'd probably try to sell this one. I have very few pairs of shoes (maybe 10) but they are all nice and I have like one pair for specific type situations and I'm good with that. 


I saw a deal for Chase bank users that if you transition X amount of savings into an account with them, they give you $275. Well, that was a hassle, but I did because who doesn't want $275!! I had to leave it with them for at least a year. SURE! WHY NOT?! 

Ebates/Cash Back Credit Cards : There are TONS AND TONS of programs out there that you can get cash back on things. Typically, credit card companies will offer the first year free and so we just cancel after that first year. You get 1-5% cash back and we would just put EVERY expense on the card getting that money in a check each month just for doing nothing. 

Coupons-It doesn't matter to us that we don't "have to" use them. We believe this stuff makes a difference. I'm not going to go out of my way because there's only so much time in the day but if I see a coupon, I'm going to use it. 


Convenient Store Stops-Maybe this isn't a habit that anyone else had to break but all it did was take me looking at my bank account to see that I was spending up to $200/month at a DANG CONVENIENT STORE ON DIET SODA AND SNACKS to stop that mess!!!! How ridiculous right?! I think it's important to re-evaluate things on at least an every other month type basis and say "Okay where am I spending that is just silly to spend in these areas?" 

I'm sure you guys have way more tips on how you save money and pay off debt, so I'd love to hear yours in the comments! :) 

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