Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

I could literally write about this for days, and if I had all the time in the world, I could grow faster so tip #1-BE PATIENT! You don't have all the time in the world so you aren't going to grow overnight and it just simply takes consistency throughout time to really do this. But just this week I've realized how passionate I am about helping others to figure out all these "secrets" that I have had to learn the hard way in coaching online as well as blogging and how to be successful in that. I hope to bring you information in this blog series that is informative and USEFUL not the typical "I just provide valuable content and millions flock to me" which is genuinely what I heard ALL the time when trying to grow.

I remember the first day that I made my instagram page and I came across some fitness pages and I never had the thought "Man I want to be fit like them" but rather "Man I want to be successful like them" which is totally my personality (admitably flawed part of it). The one tip that I will say that is valuable but isn't actionable is just to be genuine. People are going to pick up on things IMMEDIATELY if you aren't genuine about it and yourself. It's so hard to continue over the life time of your brand to keep up some show of who you really aren't, so you just need to be who you are. So, now that I've given you 2 tips, let's start with some actionable tips: 


So, obviously mine started on instagram but then I built this blog. I tried so hard back in the beginning of this year to be apart of the cool kids club and do youtube. It's just not me. If I'm going to put up a youtube video, I want it to have sustenance and something useful that you guys can take away from. I just simply cannot have a camera following me day to day and Vlog.

You have to recognize that about yourself and what channels are going to be best for your personality and go with that. I actually guess I start originally on facebook but recognized the fast pace that you can grow on instagram and shifted my efforts towards that. Growing an instagram, blog and facebook is work enough much less if you are also trying to grow youtube, twitter,  pinterest, snapchat, and all these other channels. 

You are going to spread yourself too thin, and people don't want to follow across that many platforms so you just need to focus on one or two and using the others to redirect them to your primary (pinterest is great for that). 


This is actually a really huge one that should be at the top of the list. Connection with others is actually the only way that you are going to grow. Relationships and connections with people and companies! But, how do you do that? GREAT QUESTION! haha! There are so many ways, but the primary one that people use is just commenting. 

I want to be 100% honest in these blogs and give you valuable information. Yes, there are those that don't have to do these things and that is wonderful but sometimes when you are starting from the ground up, people don't know how awesome you are yet and you need to get them to your page. So, when you comment on their stuff consistently, they start to take notice. They may click on your page. People will start to see your name in the comment section of other big names, and they will click on your stuff. People will start to see that the person posting the photo actively engages with you because you have a friendship and connection and they think "Oh this person knows this person. Who are they?" 

When they come to your page, you want them to trust that this is something that they want to follow. Here are just some quick tips on that: 

  • Your instagram is your art project and I do a terrible job at this. I do better on @_katieamelia so look to that. Em_dunc is a great example of a perfectly artistic masterpiece of an instagram, so when anyone comes to that page they value the beautifulness and want to follow. 
  • Followers=trust (as sad as that is-the more that you get the more people will trust that you are someone worth following because 10k, 20k, 30k people before you have done so) 
  • Keep your theme consistent (this deserves its own)


This could be included in the "things katiesfitscript should have learned from day 1." I have learned many lessons along the journey and I have changed ALOT! But the one piece of advice that I have is just that whatever content that you decide that you are going to share, you need to be willing to stick with that. In fitness, I obviously started as fitfam and have transitioned into a runner so while I have a lot of followers on instagram, I have low engagement. Many people think that low engagement comes from bought followers, which I guess could be the case for some, but for me it's a clear indication of my switch. I have followers from my fitfam days but they are not interested in running and triathlon. Even the runners aren't interested in biking and swimming and the number of likes on pictures shows that. It's really not a big deal but it's a measure of things and something that as a business owner, you need to be aware of. 

The pictures that you are sharing should have the same type look to them and same filters. It cracks me up the pages that have the most engagement on instagram. They literally just basically share the same photo over and over and over and over again, and people just love it. They follow you for a specific reason and when they hit that follow button they are expecting for you to produce that kind of image. 

They do not care about your home life. They do not care about your dogs. The people reading my blog right now will tell me that they care about that with me, and I love you guys...so much. Those are the true "ride or die" people that you want on your #squad but just being honest, most are not like that and especially not on instagram where things are so visual. 


The things that I share on instagram and all of this might not be the exact way that I would say something in person. I'm not going to talk about my passions and dreams and deepest thoughts to someone's face, but yet they have read it on my blog. Sooooo, that's awkward right? Yep, it sure is. As you grow, people in your real life are even going to be a bit rude. I'm not even saying this is because of jealousy as so many would like to say (although sometimes it could be that). Most of mine was due to the fact that I was sharing pictures of my body to be honest and I think my friends didn't approve of that on the world wide web. I'm not saying that I disagree or agree with that, but it simply caused rifts in friendships but that's all better now so it's cool. ;) Friendships built on love through faith are a beautiful thing!

There will also be friends that read your blog and social media stuff and support you and that's a beautiful thing that I appreciate so much. There were also (MANY MANY) friends that became my friend and then nonchalantly wanted to use what they could get from the following to increase their efforts online. AH...that's the worst and so hurtful. But, just know that it's going to happen in some way or another. Don't feel awkward. Try to keep personal and business as separate as you can but the two are mixed when you are in this world so be cognizant of that. 


First of all, moving back to the first thing is that you need to be truthful and genuine about who you are. But sometimes, maybe you associate with who that person is. Copying them exactly is the last thing that you want to do, and it's also just really unfair to the person who has worked really hard to build what they have to just turn around and copy them. You can use them as something to look up to and move towards but you need to create your own path. The world wide web is HUGE. There is space for all of us, but really... don't do this. I've had it happen which I think is why it's so hard to find information about all of this because people get greedy and stop sharing details when everyone just steals from them. 

This is going to be a continued series and there has actually been emails/posts about people wanting me to do a workshop which I could totally work towards arranging. I'll have a little section on my blog for bloggers and how to get started with that coming soon! I tell people I meet all the time in person that they can do this too and that I'd love to teach them so I thought "well Katie, why don't you teach the people?" so here's efforts for that! :) If you want to subscribe, then I'll be posting a lot more of these. I'm prayfully considering doing income reports. I LOVE LOVE LOVE viewing them online but that's a huge step for me to take of course and I think thats why others love them because you are able to actually see where income comes from, where to concentrate your efforts, but it takes a lot of bravery to do that because people get hot and bothered ;) 

Patience and integrity are two of the biggest adjectives in this game with many more actionable steps to help you get there.

If you'd like to see how to start a blog, click HERE.

If you'd like to learn about Boardbooster, which is an outlet I use to grow my social media on pinterest which is a huge traffic driver to my page, click HERE.



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Living Life without Expectations

So, I don't know why but this has been on my mind this week... 

Have y'all ever noticed that we all live life based on the agenda that everyone else wants us to live. We go to elementary school, middle, high school then we go to college. We get a job after we get our degrees where we have student debt. We get married, we settle, we buy a house, and then we have kids. Granted, I know that it doesn't fall that way for everyone but it's this expectation that that is the way that life should and will go. 

There's a new wave in millennials that we want to try to break the 9-5 job and if you can create another job then that's fantastic. I believe that we all have certain skills that we can offer to everyone and I would pay different people on their different knowledge base and don't care one bit if they clock their 9-5. I hate that expectation. We literally waste our lives away at work living for the weekends. But then, the millennials are looked at like we are selfish and just want to have everything and won't work for anything. Our parents and our grandparents have slaved away for 40 years, and that's our expectation too. 


When did this start? WHY DID THIS BECOME?

Think about what you love most in the world? Think about the one thing that makes your heart come alive and beat strong! Why aren't you doing it right now? Probably because you are reading my blog before you go clock your hours to be able to pay the bills and do that thing that you love every once in a while. I know that nothing will ever change about this, but I can't stand that. 

Think about what you have in your box of skills? Why can't you create something out of that that people would want to pay for so that you could live the life that you have always imagined for yourself? I'm not saying that I have this thing figured out because I certainly don't. I just happen to be working a job that I adore, and I'm so grateful for that but I mean more than that. Why does it even always come back to jobs? 

Why am I pressured that it's time for me to have children? I want children-many of them-but I want to explore this world first. I also think that I would love living in Utah or Colorado and running all the trials but why would it be considered absolutely insane if I was to up and go do that. Like legit, my family might would lose their minds at my craziness. BUT WHY? And I don't mean that to my family. I just mean the world. Sometimes I think that I want to go over to Haiti for a year and do mission work, but the reason that I stop myself from thinking about it is the expectation that I know I have to uphold.

"People would think I'm nuts!" 

I have no good answer for this. I wish I could say that I stopped listening to what was expected of me in society and just did what I wanted, but that's not true. 

I've never thought of myself as a free spirit, but I want so badly sometimes to just take a bag, pack it up and just do a year long exploration of the United States and the world. I kind of want to do this to break down the barriers of what is "allowed". WHY is it considered out of the ordinary? 

WHY OH WHY are we all just slaving day in and day out because of the need to make a dollar. Why are parents missing out on their children's lives in order to slave away? I also don't mean to be unrealistic here. We have to make money to provide for our families and be responsible adults. I get it. But, I just wish that there were more ways to do that where we all could genuinely do something that we enjoyed and didn't spend 90% of our lives with people who aren't our families and positions that we don't like. 

I might change my mind on this but Tanner and I have even said that we don't mind our kids taking a year after high school to go do back packing around Europe or something. I jumped right into wanting to get into pharmacy school, slaving away because I had to do XYZ to fit into what I knew I was supposed to be in this pinnacle of what "success" looked like to me. 

For me, I just want to live a life of purpose and passion and not about what is expected of me based on things that really don't even matter in the long run. I hope that this encourages you to take a leap of faith and do the same. What would the world look like if we all did this?

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Mexican Chicken Casserole

So, I don't do recipes NEAR enough and mostly that's because I was working on some things. We also lived in New York City and have I ever told you HOW HARD it is to cook there. Like, feels impossible so we just got the weekly things that we had to have and just didn't worry about cooking. Everyone has TINY kitchens and you could pay tons of money to have food delivered or you could walk a mile with it from the subway like we always did. We lived in a beautiful location but also really inconvenient. HAHA! 


okay, geez. ;) 


It's super easy, but I think I always say that! I just enjoy cooking though :) 


  • 4 Flat Out Wraps 
  • 1 can black beans
  • 1 tomato 
  • 1 1/2 cup salsa 
  • 1/2 cup fat free Mozzarella shredded cheese
  • 1/2 cup fat free Cheddar Cheese 
  • 1.5 lb of chicken 
  • 2 oz of fat free cream cheese 
  • 4 teaspoons of taco seasoning 


  • Preheat oven to 400 while preparing everything 
  • Cook chicken in taco seasoning in BIG, deep skillet 
  • Add all the rest of the ingredients except cream cheese and fat free cheese 
  • Once mixed, add cream cheese at the end and stir and let it melt into the mixture 
  • Prepare and spray a 8x8 baking dish 


  • Start layering! I started with pouring 1/3 mixture into dish 
  • Add 2 flat out wraps!
  • Layer another 1/3 of skillet contents and then top with 1/4 cup mozzarella and 1/4 cup cheddar cheese (You can buy regular Mexican cheese but this adds fat to the dish- some people are judgy of fat free cheese so if that's you, then it's totally preference!) 
  • Layer another 2 flat out wraps, top with the remaining 1/3 and top with 1/4 cup mozz and 1/4 cup cheddar 
  • Wrap in foil and bake for approximately 15 minutes
That would be Kosher salt crystals! HAHA #saltobsession

That would be Kosher salt crystals! HAHA #saltobsession

If you'd like to know more about how you can eat this and anything else that you please and still get results, see these posts or my MACRO RESOURCE LIBRARY

Check out my e-book and what others have to say!! 

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Reverse Diet Round 2

So, I've been saying for about 6 months now literally that I'm going to reverse diet, but to reverse diet, I truly believe in staying really dedicated to eating exactly what your macros are so that you can reap the benefits that it offers. No, I don't mean obsessively. I still very much go out to eat, and live flexibly but just making sure that I do hit my numbers which has not happened for a long long time. I either go over or under just because I'm either hungry or I'm not, and it's been an awesome place to be. But, I want to challenge myself again with the second series of this reverse. So, I hope you'll follow along: 

I didn't track any sort of intake but just ate as little as possible so I'd say it was around 800 calories/day. YIKES POOR ME. That's so depressing. How in the world?

I didn't track any sort of intake but just ate as little as possible so I'd say it was around 800 calories/day. YIKES POOR ME. That's so depressing. How in the world?

Week 1 Stats: 155g P // 255g C // 65g F 

Weight: I truly don't know. We don't have a scale at the house and I really don't need one as I'm very familiar with the process (in my opinion). I just kinda go with how I'm feeling each week but I'm probably around 105 lbs.

Goals: My goal of this reverse diet is actually to put on a little bit of weight (in fat). I'm going to stick with 5g C/2g F increases. I am healthy, but I do take my training very seriously and I think that I might would avoid a little more aches and pains if I had a little more cushion for the pushin nom sayin ;) I would say my weight goal would be around 110-112 lbs. 

Everyone is like "WELL JUST EAT CRAP FOR AWHILE" and while that sounds all good in theory, I think it's fun to see how high I can get before I start to gain weight and then gain weight in a way that I can say "okay now I'm going to stop and make this my maintenance. Plus crap food makes you feel like crap so no thanks ;) 

Training: I'm in the heat of marathon training, but I also have tweeted my sartorias (self diagnosed). I've been laying low on running super high miles but today I'm running 8. I'll keep you posted each week on the training I do with the macros. My marathon is July 11th so just above 2 weeks out. I will obviously adjust nutrition going into that. I lift 3 times per week right now as well to maintain muscle.

I'm sure SOMEONE will tell me that I'm eating too little at 2200 calories, however I know my body and I know that I'm healthy as a horse and I add more calories on big workout days so let's just agree to disagree kapeesh? 

With love and reverse dieting,


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What Your Pharmacist Actually Does

I've had this idea in my head that I would write this post. I feel that I'm in a great position actually to write it. I don't feel like if I was a practicing pharmacist that I would want to write this but since my career has did somewhat of a 360, I am able to take up for all the pharmacists out there. 

I would like to start with the usual disclaimers: I know that your job sucks no matter what you do unless you are really lucky. I know that everyone has a hard time in job settings so I'm not saying that yours is any worse than a retail pharmacist, but I just want you to know some things that you might not know. There are also stinky workers in any profession. There are stinky pharmacists. There are stinky Target workers. They are stinky financial brokers. I can almost bet you though, your pharmacist doesn't stink. Here's why:

When you come to the pharmacy, I know how the drill goes as I tend to almost do it myself even though I know better. You walk in, there's soft music, no one else is really there except for maybe one other person. You see the pharmacist back there on the computer almost looking as if they are doing nothing at all, and so you drop off your script. They tell you it's going to be a bit, and you're already annoyed because you had to wait at the doctor's office but whatever, you'll wait a little while. You tell them that you'll stay because you see that no one else is there so it certainly won't be THAT long. 

Ten minutes goes by, and you are steaming but you're holding it together because you're not a confrontational person. But at fifteen minutes, you are DONE. You are saying something. 

Counting in Belize! The pharmacy explanation below does not apply to Belize! Haha! :)

Counting in Belize! The pharmacy explanation below does not apply to Belize! Haha! :)

Let me explain. 

I'll explain the entire process from start to finish. This would be a semi easy patient. 

If the pharmacist had 0 other customers then they would take your script & check to see if it had any other issues with the way the script was written. If there is an issue with the script (which many times there are), then the doctor would have to be called. They may have put the wrong strength or the wrong dosing just because they aren't as familiar with the drugs and in a rush. You can't assume what they meant. You have to call and verify. You get off the phone and you enter in the prescription. Depending on where you work, if the technician enters in the prescription and tries to run it through the insurance. If you are a good little patient, your insurance works right. I would say there's a 20% chance that your insurance won't work. There's a red flag. One of these red flags could be that the insurance requires a prior authorization of this medication. 

What is a prior authorization? Well it's pretty common so you should know what it means. Explaining it to customers makes them just think that the pharmacist epically sucks when it's entirely 100% out of their control. The pharmacist must send paperwork to the doctor's office. The doctor's office will get the fax, and the nurse will have to get in touch with the doctor who will verify that the patient can actually be on that medication. The doctor's office will then fax the insurance company to say "Yes, this patient ACTUALLY needs THIS specific medication and you should cover it." The insurance company will then fix the red flag on our end. 

Now we have that done! So the tech is done entering but you don't want to die right? The pharmacist has to check that. Now the pharmacist checks it, and 99% of the time it's right. There could be a scenario where it's not right so the pharmacist may fix it themselves or they may have the tech fix the mistake. THEN, the tech can begin filling the script. 

Depending on where you work, the tech has to find the med, scan the med, scan the label, count, fill, stick, boom! Done! This becomes so fast it's like Ricky Bobby! 

Then, it finally goes to the pharmacist for the final stages of being checked. The medication that the technician put into the bottle is verified for color and the pharmacist looks at the bottle to make sure that the tech did in fact use the right med. There are many computer programs that help with this but the pharmacist must make sure that if your medication is new that it doesn't interact with anything that you are already on, or make sure that you know any pertinent information about this medication as you begin taking it. 

Okay, that's one script. A SLOW store does 150 scripts per day. A busy store does 600-800 scripts per day. Every company is trying to make a dollar so who do they cut first? Techs. Tech hours. Pharmacists are left sometimes alone depending on the volume of the store, so that process must be done from start to finish by themselves. 

During this time, there are 5 people waiting in line to pick up their meds. So, the pharmacist may stop for a second to ring those people out. When the pharmacist picks up one of the bags for one of the patients, they realize that one of their prescriptions was not covered under their insurance that they dropped off yesterday. The patient is PISSED!!!! The patient is pissed at the pharmacist. The pharmacist has 0 control because it's 100% the insurance but the patient goes off on the pharmacist. Then, the phone rings. The pharmacists asks the patient to hold on line 1 as she's busy. 

She's so cute in the pharmacy! haha ;) 

She's so cute in the pharmacy! haha ;) 

The pharmacist looks at the queue. The doctor's offices have opened. They are sending in electronic scripts. The queue has 15 new scripts. crap!

The patient still doesn't understand why the insurance won't cover their meds. "Can YOU call the insurance company because YOU ARE THE PHARMACIST AND YOU DO NOTHING ELSE RIGHT?" 

So, you want to keep the customer happy so you call the insurance company. They put you through to a customer service rep after like 10 minutes of waiting on the phone then they tell you that the patient has not renewed or paid their bill so they are no longer covered. You tell the patient. The patient yells at you because they didn't pay their bills. You finally manage them. The line is 10 deep now. You can hear people in the back of the line talking about how awful the pharmacy is and how it always takes forever. 

You look at the queue. It's up to 25 new scripts. Your tech comes in. THANK GOD. 

You ask them to fill the 60 scripts that you had already put through earlier. They start counting like a mad man. The phone rings. 

Someone comes to the counter with a rash that you have NO idea what it is but you tell them to try Benadryl. You ask the tech to take over the line because they are done filling those meds and now you need to check them. Your tech had just come in and was really frazzled but managed to only mess up one script out of 60. (good lord knows, I was a messy tech HA) No big deal. You'll fix it. 

I'm going to stop here because I think I've made myself clear. This does not include all of the internal things that your pharmacist has to do for working for a specific company. This is just the run of the mill. Your pharmacist does not pee. Your pharmacist does not have lunch except when they sneak behind the stack of pills in the back and shovel it in. Your pharmacist is not out to get you, forgetting about you, and your pharmacist works really hard. Many times, your pharmacist when just starting sheds many many tears. 

bestie in the pharmacy.jpg

Retail pharmacy has become a one stop shop like a convenient store. People expect fast food meds, and it's created a monster.

If you are still reading, then you are awesome and do me a favor. The next time you go into your pharmacy, tell them you really appreciate them. That pretty much never happens. 

With love and pharmacy,


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Cookies & Cream Protein Cheesecake

My, oh my what I have for you today. I don't claim to have made up this recipe for protein cheesecake in general, but I just put my twist on it, and I made it, and then I consumed it. Ha! It's so easy honestly and really doesn't take any time at all so I highly encourage it. It's also incredibly sparing on the ole calories so that's helpful as well. 

If there is something that I'm going to make for myself, you can always count on two flavors: 

  • Cookies & Cream 
  • Pumpkin

I'm pretty predictable. Regardless, let's get right to it. 

Go ahead and preheat to 250 while you mix all of your ingredients! 


  • 2 containers fat free cream cheese (8oz)
  • 3 containers fat free Plain Greek Yogurt  (5.3oz)
  • 3 tablespoons baking stevia 
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 
  • 2 scoops Cellucor Cookies & Cream Protein Powder 
  • a pinch of salt 
  • 2 egg whites 
  • 2 whole eggs 

Messy fingerssss (I'm the messiest cook, it's kinda a problem)

This is my new favorite whey! I got it on a deal on groupon and honestly I don't normally like protein powders, so this is exciting to finally find one that I like.


  • Preheat oven to 250 degrees. 
  • Mix all ingredients
  • Spray Round pan with non stick spray 
  • Bake at 250 for 30 minutes
  • Continue to bake at 300 for 45 more minutes for a total of 75 minutes

The outside gets crispy and the inside cheesecake-y. I let mine cool then refridgerated for about 2 hours until I couldn't take it anymore and then had a slice! :) I topped mine with mini oreos but the possibilites of toppings are ENDLESS!!!


The macros are off the charts!! I'll be making this all the time!

Many clients of mine may have sodium restrictions due to hypertension, and this recipe may be a little high in sodium for them. Please reference this article about sodium if you are not someone who struggles with this and wondering how this applies to your life.

EDIT NOTE: This was a viral post. I have sense become a full time blogger because of posts such as this one. See my section on blogging HERE on my story to how I was able to do this.

If you'd like to know more about macro counting and how easy it is to fit into your daily life, check out all of my free information under the tab:  MACRO RESOURCES 

Also, check out my ebook for full information on how you can apply this to your life: 



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What is Reverse Dieting?

Yesterday, I posted a picture to instagram of how I have reversed dieted up to almost 200g of carb (Update: up to 260g C now), and I received a lot of questions so I wanted to do a post on “ What is reverse dieting ” and how to get started on this.

what is reverse dieting

First, what is reverse dieting?

Reverse dieting AKA metabolic adaptation AKA increasing your metabolic capacity –> slowly increasing your calories, carbs, and fats over time so that your body is able to maintain weight with more food. You do this through counting your macronutrients, which leads me to ….

1. You need to understand macronutrient counting. Reference here.

Macro counting is not one in the same as reverse dieting which is a common misconception. Many count macros and they are on a cut (caloric deficit to lose fat). When one decides to reverse diet, the goal is minimal, if any, fat gain. However, this is not a guarantee and everyone responds differently, which leads me to #2.

2. Realize the purpose and potential of reverse dieting.

The reason for reverse dieting is more for your future rather than your present, so it’s something that you set out knowing that you must be patient. You build your metabolic capacity to be able to maintain weight on A LOT more calories. As I referenced above, some gain 2lbs, some gain 5lbs, and some gain 10lbs depending on how long they reverse diet and how they do it. This is so individual so no coach is going to be able to tell you “You will not gain weight” or “You will gain 5 pounds exactly.” You are FOREVER changing your future though. This means that every other “diet” or “cut” or “fat loss” process that you set out on, you will be able to do this on a higher caloric intake because your body is maintaining weight with more calories. This is for your future, so don’t complain that you aren’t getting “shredded and fit” with reverse dieting. That’s not really the point.

3. Find your maintenance.

This can be tricky, and this is where I recommend that again, you get a coach and be patient. You need to figure out the macros that you are currently maintaining your weight so that you have a starting point to start your increase.

This will be different if you are coming off of a competition. You will want to start just slightly above those macros. I see some coaches start their clients at 50g extra carb directly after their shows. To be honest, I just can’t comprehend that. Your body is in a really vulnerable state. You shouldn’t have dieted so hard that you need to add that much food. You will most likely gain weight immediately if so. I would recommend increasing your carbs 10g extra after your show and 5g fat and then start increasing from there. (This is SO individual and some are dieting so low that jumping 50g carb is appropriate)

4. When is it an appropriate time to reverse diet?

Essentially, you can reverse diet at any point. Here are some times when I think it is most appropriate.

a) You have tried and tried to lose weight and it’s not coming off and you are already at a low caloric intake that you SHOULD be losing weight on. You could reverse diet then cut once your calories are higher.

b) You have metabolic damage (damage is a word that describes something broke for good so a better word for your metabolism would be that it's currently not working as well as it could be) from low calorie diets. You have dieted for years at less than 1000 calories and you feel that the road is hopeless but it is NOT! You can reverse out of it! I truly believe in this area that reverse dieting could change the world. I have watched it change so many lives from the inside, out.

c) You are just coming off of a competition. I think this is a time that it is CRUCIAL unless you want to go into a state of post show depression of gaining weight fast. Your body is not in the type of state to just jump right back into normal eating. The way that our cells work, your body is going to essentially be a vaccuum. You are going to hold onto everything. You MUST have a reverse plan coming off of a show!!! I REPEAT: GET A PLAN FOR POST SHOW!!!

d) You have lost weight and feel that you are at a place that you like the way that you look so you just wanna maintain that, but hey! Who doesn’t love to eat more? So, you reverse diet while maintaining that physique.

My personal recommendation is that people lean out first. Make sure that you are comfortable in your own skin, and start from there. Accept yourself and accept that you may gain a few pounds that will better your future, and start with a fresh mindset. Then, get excited because your life will change forever :)

5. Can I reverse diet if I need to lose weight?

I think there is honestly a HUGE misconception with this. You see pictures of girls that have before and afters of clean eating versus reverse dieting and they look better from reverse dieting. I would say 99% of the time, those girls dieted down to a really lean state and then started reverse dieting. It is rare that a person can just hop right into reverse dieting and lose weight. Many times when girls are clean eating only (and this is a generalization I know), they are also binge eating. This is like RAMPANT in the industry as sad as that is. Binge eating destroys metabolism, not clean eating. “Clean eating” just isn’t as fun as macros, but let’s be real, if done appropriately without binge eating, it works. There are some people that maybe have never lifted before that will start to lose inches simply from macronutrient counting and weight training but if you have been weight training and dieting and you still want to get leaner, then you are going to need to be in a caloric deficit. The lies all over instagram drive me crazy of people wanting to sell their programs. And that’s a fact, jack!

Here are some of my client's stats from reverse dieting if you are interested in looking at hard evidence that it works.

6. Do I have to have metabolic damage to reverse diet?

No. Absolutely not. I think this is another common misconception. My husband is reverse dieting and his metabolism is already sky high but again, who doesn’t want to eat more and maintain weight? It’s a no brainer! GIVE US ALL THE CARBS.

7. Okay, I get it. Now what do I do?

My personal preference is that you increase carbs by 5g per week and fats by 1g per week. The other recommendation that Layne states in his video logs is 10g of carb per week and 2g of fat per week. I know this is double what I stated. I go slowwwww. I have found that it keeps girls from freaking out from the excess water that they hold when they first start on new macros. I also, from personal experience, gained 10 pounds the first time that I tried to reverse diet by doing 10g of carb per week so I took it much slower this time and it worked.

So, this is what that would look like.

If you are currently eating 1500 calories (150g P, 130g C, 42g F) then you would do that for one week, then you would go to 150g P, 135g C, 43g F. Now you are asking, what in the world? That’s so silly and pointless. NO!! In 3 weeks, you have gone from 130g to 145g of carb! Over 6, 12, 16 weeks, it becomes substantial!

8. What if I’m gaining weight?

Slow down. Don’t feel that you have to increase every week. I don’t. There are some weeks when I may feel weird and I just maintain macros for that week. There should be no time limit on it. This is for your future. Just be patient.

9. Should I do refeeds or cheat meals?

There is no science behind a refeed. Quite frankly, there is no science behind reverse dieting. This is all observation. I don’t recommend a refeed. This would be an entirely different article, but my personal preference is that you just do the same macros every single day!!! Cheat meals are all a mental thing in my opinion. If you feel you need it, then go for it. I personally don’t have them. I always feel then that I don’t want to increase the next day, so I just keep it consistent and have a day where I just “guestimacro” and fit things like froyo and cheeseburgers in when I wouldn’t normally do that every day.

Solid proof that it works, and I'm documenting every step!

Solid proof that it works, and I'm documenting every step!

I would absolutely love to help you get started, so if you are interested in a plan that I can create personally for you, then you can find that hereLet me know if you have any questions, and you can comment below or follow me on instagram @katiesfitscript or subscribe where I try to give as much information as possible.



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Macro Basics for Booze

So, I get the question about alcohol a lot so I'm going to spell out how to account for this in macros. I know, I know, you are thinking how ridiculous. Just give me a second.

This is for the person that wants a drink on Monday and Wednesday and Saturday.

Or the person that REALLY wants to stay on track but REALLY wants to have a drink too.

This is not about restriction. This is about making knowledgeable choices.

I will say the easiest way is of course, don't drink. However, everyone loves a nice cold....WHITE RUSSIAN? That's my favorite!

Here's a free tip on the house: Do 3 parts whipped cream vodka, kahlua, and baileys (not cream)! Thank me later ;)

Okay, back to macros!

Alcohol is a macronutrient. It is not a macronutrient that is listed on the nutritional label because it's not considered "essential to life." However, it has 7kcal/g. If you aren't familiar with macros:

Fat has 9kcal/g

Protein has 4kcal/g

Carbohydrates has 4kcal/g

If you take out myfitnesspal currently, you will see that if you look up "Bud Light" or "Vodka", you will find what you see below.

photo (2)

If you will note, Bud Light has 6.6g of carbohydrates, 0fat, 0 protein and Vodka has 0g carb/0fat/0protein.

But wait, it has calories listed. Calories are made up of macronutrients. So how is their 0 nutrition and vodka but yet it has calories. If beer has ~7g of carb, then shouldn't it only have 28 calories??? The macronutrient missing here is pure ethanol.

So, I'm going to give you a run down of the numbers (stick with me) then step by step how to calculate for your special drink.

1gram of alcohol = 0.0352 fluid ounces

WINE   (6fl oz)                                     


X=170g x 7kcal/g=1190kcal

However, wine is 12% pure ethanol

0.12 x 1190kcal=143calories per 6 oz;

VODKA ( 1 shot = 30ml = 1 fl oz)                                                                                                                                     


X=24g x 7kcal/g=168kcal

80 proof (40% pure ethanol)

0.4 x 168 = 67.2 calories per shot

BEER (12 fl oz)

12 oz = 340g

340g x 7kcal/g = 2380 calories

Avg 4.5% ethanol in beer

0.045 x 2380 calories = 107 calories per 12 oz

I KNOW I JUST LOST YOU! Just read below.

Step 1: Chart whatever drink in myfitnesspal by the ounces. Fit those carbs into your daily macros.

Step 2: Allow for the extra calories that are not accounted for because ethanol is not a listed macro.

Step 3: ENJOY!

Some drinks of choice that I get that don't have those EXTRA carbs and calories on top of the ethanol are:

Diet coke and vodka

Gin and diet tonic

Fresh lime juice and tequila


Light beers

And when I'm at home, I make my own "whipped cream vodka and baileys" and measure it out! :)

photo (3)

If you'd like to know more about how you can eat this and anything else that you please and still get results, see these posts or my MACRO RESOURCE LIBRARY

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What are macros?

What are macros?  Macros stands for macronutrients which are all of the nutrients that provide calories from food. You have proteins, fats, and carbs.

Protein contains 4kcal/gram so if something has 20g of protein, it contains 80 calories.

Fats contain 9kcal/gram so if you have something with 5g of fat, it contains 45 calories.

Carbs contain 4kcal/gram so in the same way as protein, if it has 20g of carb, it contains 80 calories.

All clickable links below will open in a new window for convenience and ability to continue to read this post.

Alcohol contains 7kcal/gram but is not one of the essential macros because it is not needed for survival... that is what the experts say at least ;) Click here to learn about alcohol macro counting.

Net carbs is just simply the amount of carbs that are in a particular food minus the amount of carb that has no impact on blood glucose levels. Keeping blood glucose levels staple can impact fat loss HOWEVER, YOU STILL ABSORB THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF CALORIES. It just simply has a lower glycemic index if the net carb is low so I pay no attention to net carbs. I count the complete carb in the food. Click here to read about net carbs.


Why do different distribution of macros matter?

Carbs are what we utilize for energy and are your main source of fuel. Carbs are converted into energy. Carbohydrates are essential for the functioning of many organs including your heart and brain.

Fats helps protect your organs and is the most concentrated form of energy. There are three types of fats (saturated, unsaturated and trans fat). No trans fat does not equal weight loss. It just simply has been shown that unsaturated fat decreases the risk for heart disease.

Proteins are essential for growth and development. Proteins help build lean muscle mass, and are the energy source when you do not intake carbohydrates. Muscle mass for the purposes of this blog equals metabolism. If you don't intake carbohydrates, you must use protein for energy breaking down your source of muscle mass preservation and essentially slowing down your metabolism.

How do I count macros if I'm just starting?

Myfitnesspal app and website are my favorite. There are other apps such as Macros+ that I've heard are great too! The easiest thing to do before you even commit to changing lifestyle is just to become familiar with foods. Click here to learn about myfitnesspal.

What foods are protein sources? What foods are carb sources? Fats? How can I arrange these foods into a puzzle piece that fits certain numbers that my body can metabolize for the day?

A key note here is that all protein sources have fats and carbs. All carb sources have fats and proteins. It all matters. No food has 0 calories although some are negligent. This is not to make you obsessive, but just to make you knowledgeable.

How do I know what my macros should be for the day? 

1. Trial and error

--No one is going to be able to tell you on Day 1 what will make you lean out and how fast. Everyone is different, and sometimes it takes time to figure out what works which leads me to point ..

2. Get a human to help you

--All of the online calculators are using population averages and norms. They do not know your history of dieting and metabolism damage. They do not know your personal goals whether you want to lean down, bulk up, or maintain.

3. High protein and lower carb

--Again, many online calculators including myfitnesspal will do ridiculous percentages that make no sense for fat loss. Even though I believe it's ESSENTIAL to have carbs, I also think lowER carb is here to stay. It simply works. This DOES NOT mean eliminating them.

4. 40% protein/ 35% carb/ 25% fat

--I'm not giving away crazy secrets here. This is what seems to work really well for a lot of people. So if you have 1500 calories then that would mean:

1500* 0.40 (protein) = 600calories/4cal/g =150g protein

1500* 0.35 (carbohydrate)=525calories/ 4kcal/g= 131.25g carb

1500* 0.25 (fats)=375calories/ 9kcal/g = 42g fat

5. Learning your total daily expenditure or caloric amount can be tricky but again, trial and error

So what are those letters IIFYM?

This stands for "If it fits your macros"

This essentially means that no matter the source whether processed or "squeaky clean" foods, your body will metabolize them the same.

There are MANY opinions on this, many judgements on this, and all I want this to be is what I believe to be true.

Your body produces a different insulin response based upon the different forms of carbohydrates that you provide. This would be your high glycemic index foods (most of the time more processed foods) versus your lower glycemic index foods (typical sweet potato, brown rice, oatmeal). Stable insulin response is good for many reasons including fat loss, however if you maintain a balance of both high and low, this is still a stable insulin response that your body becomes used to.

Your body adapts to eating processed foods as carbohydrate sources. I am not endorsing that we eat crap all day. I hardly ever eat processed crap. My day is 90% whole nutritious foods with 10% junk because I love it just like everyone else.

However, if we are strictly speaking in terms of WEIGHT AND FAT LOSS not overall health from the vitamins and minerals of whole foods, you can essentially eat bad foods in the same macronutrient distribution and maintain the same progress. I am living proof of this.

I'm going to leave the entire science of IIFYM for another blog post because I could go into GRAVE detail on net carbs, insulin responses, trans fats vs unsaturated but I'm just trying to give you the nitty gritty "what is going to get me a rocking summer bod" post without starving myself.

I want to inspire you to become knowledgeable. Knowledge is power. I hope this helps you to figure out the elusive " What are macros?" question that you've always asked yourself!

If you'd like to know more about how you can eat this and anything else that you please and still get results, see these posts or my MACRO RESOURCE LIBRARY

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